CDPR: PS4 and Xbox One quite similar to PCs, Engine Switch “Easier”

CD Projekt RED has revealed some new details on the next-gen consoles in the latest issue of Gamesmaster. While it’s common knowledge that the next-gen platforms are more closer to the PC architecture than ever before, it’s nice to see a talented studio benefiting from it.

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Tatsuya 1877d ago

This is why they are an awesome dev in my book! I will support them with Witcher 3 and will continue to support them with Cyberpunk 2077 if they were to repeat their success again and keep their words that every platform will have a beautiful visual and gameplay experience. I trust them.

Npugz71877d ago

They sure are talking up this game alot!! hopefully for there sake it's as good as they say it is! kinda bummed about not having 60fps but if it's locked in at a solid 30fps it should be fine. I wish there was some gameplay that i could watch.

starchild1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Better get used to it. The vast majority of games on PS4 and XB1 will be 30fps.

60fps is too demanding. Most developers would prefer to use the console's power to render more detailed visuals, better AI and more advanced physics.

Keeping a solid 60fps in a huge open-world RPG like The Witcher 3 would be even more difficult than in some other types of games.

TekoIie1877d ago

Better games for everyone no matter what system your on :)

wtopez1877d ago

Why go with 30 fps? Hopefully they'll add an "unlock framerate" option a la Bioshock.

starchild1877d ago

Why would you want a juddery, tearing mess?

I would far prefer a fairly solid 30fps than a stuttering variable framerate that swings between 25fps and 50 fps with a bunch of image-destroying screen tearing.

kingduqc1877d ago

Cause Limiting framerate add latency when you play? Cause more framerate = better and because fps not locked don't varies from 25 fps to 50, if it's locked at 30 it's because the can can run it 30 all the time, no magic here.

wtopez1877d ago

Pretty sure I didn't wish for "a juddery, tearing mess". It's kinda lame that two brand new consoles won't be running W3 at 60 fps. Also I said an "unlock framerate" option. You know option? As in you choose if you use it or not?