Skyrim On PC Restored My Faith In Life

eGamer writes: "There is one reason why PC gaming to me will always remain epic, and the most important part of my gaming life. And that’s mods."

In this video, an eGamer writer shows off a little of what The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can become on PC when modded.

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Valkyre1872d ago

Really? Restored your faith in life???


Well... lol

zeroskie1872d ago

I agree this article is a bit too much of a hyperbole. I imagined it would be some story about someone paralyzed in an accident finding escape through Skyrim and his imagination, but it's just some guy talking about mods.

Valkyre1872d ago

Exactly, it doesnt make any sense...

it kinda sounds sad to say that a videogame has restored your faith in life. I mean yeah we all love videogames and yes it makes me get away from everyday troubles and make me happy, but hell... it wont restore my faith in living!!

I got my friends and my family to do that, not skyrim!

papashango1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

hey man. I once made some kids hit list back in high school for making fun of dungeons & dragons. His response was "It's not stupid! It's a way of life!"

He brought a butcher knife to school later that year and was caught about 10 feet from me and my group by the school cop and principal after one of his friends ratted him out.

1872d ago
Tody_ZA1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Looking back it was probably way too much of a hyperbole, but I am genuinely surprised that it was taken seriously or literally.

Guess the fault is with me for substituting "PC Gaming" for Life at an attempt to be random, so I apologise for that.

But it really is in zero way serious. It's not even mentioned in the article or video.

Since I can't change the headline on N4G, I can do it on-site.

zeroskie1872d ago

Regardless of the content (which isn't bad), you've made the article immediately untrustworthy because of the sensationalist headline. Also you're cheapening actual life changing or faith restoring events like the Japanese senior citizens sacrificing their lives to clean up radiation debris to spare younger generations. I mean c'mon man how does that compare to having a nicer UI in a video game?

Tody_ZA1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

As I said zeroskie, the intention was in no way serious and I apologise for the mistake. I'm not one to sensationalise, and this was done for the purposes of being random and nothing else more than that.

I know for future now not to joke about things like this. I didn't think it would be taken seriously or literally (I mean the video itself is labelled as "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Visual And Gameplay Mods ").

I thought it was pretty obvious that I didn't mean it literally and that it was nothing more than silliness. I was wrong about that.

I mentioned in my comment that I can't change the headline on N4G now, but I have changed it on the site itself and there is little else I can do but apologise for it and change it.

3-4-51872d ago

exactly. People drawing more attention than needed by saying outright lies.

Tapani1872d ago

Hahaha yeah, this one was actually hilarious!

Maybe he means stuff like this:

Personally, I think this guy needs to travel around the world a little bit more and see what "humanity" is.

Tody_ZA1872d ago

Strangely I actually do all of them with the exception of six since there's little way to be sure of that one on a regular basis.

But really, as my comment above suggests, I was at fault for the headline and I apologise for it, but I am genuinely surprised it was taken seriously.

jimmywolf1872d ago

live an learn

internet full of cynic an jaded people just keep blogging an go with the flow

Tapani1872d ago

It's this kind of sensationalist headlining that makes the game developers and adult audiences blood boil.

Cynicism can only go so far ;)

Rodent851872d ago

with just $500 ps4 you already got $12000 pc power

fuck you pc!!