Can the Xbox One Match the PS4 Before November?

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) may be closing that gap that was established immediately after it and Sony (NYSE:SNE) announced the technical specifications of their upcoming gaming consoles. Sony took the lead right away with a number of higher-performance elements, but that may not stay true until November.

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Xwow20081870d ago

"Though Microsoft’s marginal increase of the Xbox One’s graphic processing performance may not be enough to catch up to the specs on the PS4, it sends a different message: the current specs of the Xbox One might not be the final ones. Microsoft could potentially continue making changes to the system to make it more powerful in the months before the November launch of both consoles."

ROFL..some ppl living in dream land.

LostDjinn1870d ago

Really drives home how little most "journalists" understand about the field they find themselves in.

NewMonday1870d ago

they could have delayed it to change the GPU after the PS4 February 20 reveal, but it is too late for that now. XB1 will start next gen vastly underpowered.

Ilovetheps41870d ago


I do agree that it's too late to change the specs of the system too much. But I don't think it's THAT underpowered. I think the X1's specs will be much closer to PS4 than people are thinking.

The multiplatform games should look almost identical in my opinion, but the exclusives on PS4 will show off the hardware. But I still the the X1 exclusives will be comparable.

TheGamingArt1870d ago

Really shows how much research amateurs do before writing an internet article...... and how they can know nothing about a topic and just put it out there like a discussion.

mcstorm1870d ago

What I find funny about gamers on here is all they ever talk about now is power when it comes to Sonys consoles. Gamers on here have very short memory's about the Playstation as last gen was the 1st gen where there console had more power than the other consoles on the market.
Power really is not as big as an issue as is made out on here in fact remember the PS one logo (Don't underestimate the power of Playstation)

Yes its nice having good looking games but it is not looks that make games. Game play is what makes the games and the reason why games sell well. Look at the best selling games from last gen and how many of them were the best looking games of this generation?

Even go back to the gen before and you will see the same with sales.

Power is not the reason why one console will out sell another it is the games and it will be the console that has the right games that appeals to the masses that will sell the most consoles come the end of the next gen.

That said people should buy the console they want to buy not what people on here say and if your a core gamer then you will own all 3 any way so it really dose not matter to you if you do.

nukeitall1870d ago


spot on!

Specs matter little when they are so close. If it was about power, PC would have killed console market a long time ago.

Ultimately, consoles are about content, ease of use and access, and features. Just look at past history!

1870d ago
redwin1870d ago

Xbox will never catch up to the ps4 in specs without having to worry about a loud and overheating machine. The Xbox was design to use the power if the cloud not the machine.

AngryTypingGuy1870d ago

Xbox One might not be as powerful as PS4, but to say that it will start the generation vastly underpowered might be a bit of a reach. Most games will probably look roughly the same. I'll be getting a PS4 first so I hope that most games perform better on it of course, but I'm guessing that most noticeable differences will be with the exclusives.

BitbyDeath1870d ago

The power difference is obviously greater than 360 vs PS3 but I don't think it is on the same level as PS2 vs xbox. Really we should all just let the games do the talking.

fr0sty1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Without a delay, there simply is not enough time to make a drastic upgrade to the hardware (which means redesigning the architecture, creating new devkits and drivers to take advantage of it, and getting those tools in the hands of developers who then have to take the time to upgrade their games as much as possible before launch, if it is possible at all). Not only do they have to get the hardware built and delivered, but it must also go through rigorous testing to ensure it can hold up to the heat and that it functions properly. The drivers must be tested for bugs. Just to name a few of the steps needed.

These are not things you do when you are supposed to be giving your manufacturing plants enough time to churn out millions of consoles for a semi-worldwide launch.

If you expect MS to upgrade Xbox One any more than a simple overclock of a few mhz, you should also expect many launch game delays, extreme launch system shortages, and a high console failure rate in addition to games riddled with bugs.

We're already in the final stretch. Whatever they've built at this point is what they're committed to. The factories should already be pumping out final hardware if they plan on meeting launch targets.

As for the power difference between the two... Expect higher resolutions and framerates in some cases for multiplats. It's quite likely that the majority of early multiplats will be made to be about the same for both systems. However, judging by what I've seen, I think towards the end of the generation XB1's hardware will show it's age first, both on multiplats and exclusives.

Time will tell though. The difference is definitely more than with PS3 and 360. With 360, it had a stronger GPU, but weaker CPU (that was easier to program for). PS3 was the opposite. With PS4 and Xb1, they have essentially the same CPU, but the GPU in PS4 is a good bit stronger. Then you factor in the additional RAM and it's higher bandwidth... There will be a larger difference, but it isn't going to be anything most gamers will care about. They didn't care about Xbox's advantages over PS2. PS2 still went on to sell hundreds of millions more consoles.

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iamnsuperman1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

O dear. He should stop dreaming. Microsoft couldn't make it more powerful. Launch is too soon. However, they can add extra functionality via software updates

OlgerO1870d ago

I will go with the PS4, but im sure that the games on xbox one will look about the same in the beginning. I think that the differences will become more profound as the years go by

HugoDrax1870d ago


I'm a core gamer, and you're exactly right sir. I own every console and handheld besides the VITA. That will all change eventually as I do have my launch day PS4 & XB1 pre ordered.

Happy gaming people

slampunk1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

A sensible reply to a sensible comment..... something you don't see very often in the N4G comments section.... :)

and you got 4 disagrees!!!! LMAO

n4rc1870d ago

I'm not going to get into this again with people.. But the specs are only part of the story..

Just like a car.. HP is important.. But weight, drive line etc all make huge differences..

For sake of argument.. Ps4 has more HP but what if its less efficient?

Having more power on paper is all it is right now.. Maybe it will still be the case come launch.. But.nobody knows for sure

NewsForge1870d ago

1.84 Gigaflops is considered mild range. 1.3 Gigaflop is considered entry level (Low end garbage). The Xbox One is severely underpowered. They wanted more TV features so they invested in that instead of a proper GPU. Have fun with your new cable box this holiday while I game on a PS4.

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NeoTribe1870d ago

They cant go changing hardware a couple months before release. Unless ofcourse they feel like having the rrod all over again. It did help them sell more consoles -_-

hellvaguy1870d ago

How exactly did they "sell" free replacements for 3 years after rrod was discovered? Thats not exactly selling consoles when you have to repair or replace free of charge.

stuna11870d ago

Because a large amount of people didn't want to wait for their consoles to be repaired, especially if a high profile game had come out, like say "Call of Duty"! So most opted to buy brand new consoles. That has played a bigger role on why you have so many gamers saying that they have 2 and 3 Xbox 360's in their homes.

creatchee1870d ago


"Because a large amount of people didn't want to wait for their consoles to be repaired, especially if a high profile game had come out, like say "Call of Duty"! So most opted to buy brand new consoles."

I have heard people spouting this off for years and its ridiculous. First of all, there is absolutely no documentation to support this claim - only anecdotal "evidence" that comes mostly from the pro-Sony people. If anybody has any published proof of this "buying because I can't wait for a replacement" phenomenon, I'd love to see it.

Secondly, if people are so desperate to play a video game that they can't wait 1-2 weeks for the replacement program to do its thing, then we live in very sad times indeed. There are books to read and flowers to smell and women to kiss. And, if you are that hardcore of a gamer, you probably already have another console to play. I know because I played my PS3 during my second RROD.

ShwankyShpanky1870d ago

Go on over to the official Xbox forums and read about the "pro-Sony" people buying RRoD replacements.

creatchee1870d ago


Anybody can create an Xbox forums account.

Also I didn't say that it didn't happen - I said that it was a rumor propagated MOSTLY by the pro-Sony crowd. I've seen numerous posts of people trying to add 10 million or more sales to the 360 total because of these impatient rebuyers. It's bull, plain and simple.

TheRealHeisenberg1870d ago

@ stuna1

I have three PS3s in my house. Does your "logic" apply there as well?

stuna11870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Just because you! The ones who replied to my comment didn't take that route, doesn't mean no one took that route! Was there concrete documentation of RROD for the Xbox the beginning? No! It actually took the government to step in before Microsoft owned up to the issues! And yes theres documentation to the facts! If people want to walk through life with blindfolds on, fingers in their ears, singing the smurf song, it still doesn't change cold hard facts.

EDIT: It's also a known fact that those cncerned about their K/D ratios would have no problem investing in another Xbox 360. Especially if squad members could pass them up! What cracks me up is the fact that Microsoft incompetence can be blaim on Sony supporters, did they somehow create the RROD? Talk about Jedi mind tricks.

Ninjews1870d ago

@creatchee there is no hard evidence to dispel the claim either. I don't really know what kind of "hard" evidence Someone will be able to provide this they bought another 360, because theirs rrod and they couldn't wait for their replacement. Remember common sense does not apply to gamers. In my experience gamers well do anything to get their fix, especially for one specific game they have been looking forward to.

Hicken1870d ago

RROD wasn't "discovered." It was known. The damn consoles were dying days after release.

Does it have to be said AGAIN that it took a year and a half before MS started covering the RROD? From November 2005 to July 2007, any system that died was replaced at the consumer's expense, NOT Microsoft's. July 5th was when MS acknowledge the problem and extended the warranty to 3 years. And it was during this time that the failure rate of ~54% was recorded.

And yes, even then, quite a few people bought backups, so they could play while their main system was being repaired.

Chevalier1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I sold plenty of replacement 360's in my store so yeah it happened a lot. Peoples systems did die after getting replaced as well it's not infinite for the coverage. But what do I know I only work at the busiest EB in my city for over 6 years.

As for xbox one equaling ps4 by November, while it isn't impossible I would say based on such low xbox one allocations I would say it is extremely unlikely. Currently my ps4 preorders are about 241 units and Sony just opened up day one to us again whereas our xbox one preorders are at 39 units and I haven't had a new preorder in a week, in that time we sold a dozen ps4. Our smallest store has well over 100 ps4 preorders and there are 9 stores here. It will take 3 weeks to sellout of our remaining xbox one units remaining and you'd be surprised how little units I am talking about for our district as a whole, that is how slow it has been on preorders. So if there's another article about Microsoft blowing preorder numbers at Gamestop I will laugh.

Although our MS rep did say that they had to change design last minute since the design for DRM was literally built to the hardware. That to me is not a good thing.

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Septic1870d ago

It's not going to happen.

Does the X1 have to match the PS4 though? The difference in specs doesn't appear to be that startling (at this stage anyway. The console is fine as it is.

Thehyph1870d ago

They are both fine consoles. They both ended up a lot more similar than I would have expected and wanted if you had asked me a year ago.
People fighting over the specs is getting old. People fighting over sales is getting old.

The fanboys out there fervently trying to "convert" others to their "side" are just like the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses showing up at my door. I can do my own critical thinking, thanks.

Foxgod1870d ago

They already match, theres a 5% difference between the two at best.
There will even be situations at which the X1 may perform better, such as AI and physics heavy situations.

Some people act like comparing the X1 to the ps4, is like comparing an I5 to an I7, which is over stretched.
Both the X1 and Ps4 are of the same class, theres has never been a generation before with two competitors releasing hardware with such similar specs.

pacostacos1870d ago

idk why people think the difference is huge a lot of devs have been coming out of the woods saying the difference isnt that much and that theyre pretty much close to each other in power

B-radical1870d ago

We have already seen such good things from both consoles i believe xbox one so far has shown its on par with ps4.

How long will it take for ps4 to slip away from xbox one graphically?

Foxgod1870d ago

Wont happen, how many exclusives where actually able to run 30fps Full hd on the ps3? not too many, 99% of them where 30 fps and 720p.

Same with 360 games, they where 720p and 30 fps, both consoles could not do better.

1870d ago
Nekroo911870d ago

i have no idea since when a difference between 1.3 tflops to 1.8 on the ps4. 32 rops vs 16 on the xbox, 1152 sharders cores vs 768 on the xbox and 25gigapixels/sec vs 12 on the xbox is a 5% between the two at best. LOL
ah and not to mention the ddr3 vs gddr5...overall its a 20% power difference in multiplatform games...not 50% like some fanboys think but 20% something is still something

XabiDaChosenOne1870d ago

If you truly believe that the difference is only 5% while having knowledge of both consoles respective specs than you failed elementary math miserable. Stop damage controlling and accept the facts.

McScroggz1869d ago

I would truly love for you to try and explain to me how there is "a 5% difference between the two at best."

Actually, instead of answering that I'd prefer to know why you constantly spread misinformation?

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fOrlOnhOpe571870d ago

No. I think the specs are more or less finalised before the respective launch dates.
I think MS would be asking for trouble if they try to push for any further performance improvement.
I will be so glad so all this ' mines bigger than yours' crap can have a rest.

Foxgod1870d ago

I would like to see it rest too, its redicilous that people bicker about specs when it comes to consoles.

At best it means your bragging that yours is one nanometer bigger, considering that if you wanna brag about specs, you better be ready to spend a 2000 euro minumum on those bragging rights.