Xbox One success vs. PS4 failure, justification attempted

InEntertainment: "Regardless of Microsoft’s U-turn over the used games and always-on restrictions, we get the impression from many gamers that the PS4 is just about edging it in the battle of the next-gen consoles. But one blogger is trying to justify why the Xbox One might beat the Sony PS4 when it comes to wining over the masses.

As we look into reasons why this perspective has arose, it’s worth mentioning that the reversal of Microsoft’s anti-consumer DRM policies concerning the Xbox One has evened up the score, as the PS4 seemed liked a much more attractive proposition prior to this. Highlighting a few reasons why the Xbox One could accumulate more custom Beta News discusses how Microsoft’s playing the long game with a system that is not only a games machine but also a family entertainment theatre.

They acknowledge hardware specs alone will not be a deciding factor when it comes to the Xbox One vs. PS4 war."

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Septic1692d ago

Really, it depends on what experience you're after. Both consoles look impressive and whilst MS has really struggled with a lot of flak that it received with the X1, the console itself is turning out to be an impressive piece of kit.

For me, the user interface and online elements are the key decision. It is what made me, and my friends pick the X1 as the primary gaming device at this stage. Things like Skype intergration, Twitch TV support and promise of dedicated servers are attractive to us. MS has a much better track record in the online game space as far as we're concerned.

But, the thing is, Sony appear to have learnt from their mistakes and their UI and online features might even surpass that of the X1 so that's something we need to see. Hopefully we can get a hands-on at Gamescom.

But the console race is quite competitive, contrary to what many are trying to depict.

Thinking of this as Xbox One success vs PS4 failure and vice versa, is just two dimensional. It doesn't really serve any purpose.

christrules00411692d ago

I think the competition is great. It pushed Microsoft to get dedicated servers for stuff like Titanfalls servers. It also pushed for Microsoft for exclusives and Sony is pushing for exclusives as well. They are both also pushing Indie developers as well. It doesn't matter what console someone picks up it will always benefit them having competition.

Fanboys that want to whipe off a company off the planet can't understand this logic though.

Before anyone says Microsoft has the cloud I said dedicated servers because the cloud is remote computers that do calculations over the internet... Just like the cloud(That last paragraph wasn't point at you. Some people get pissed though) LOL

Clarence1692d ago

I agree with you as a far as the Xbox live interface goes. I like how fast live moves through different screen. The PSN is not as fast and the interface needs a change. With that said I prefer the Playstation over the Xbox.

My reason is games and better hardware. Live will not help the Xbox 1 beat the PS4. Plus with the PSN network you get free quality games. After I finished gears 3 I canceled my live subscription.

_FantasmA_1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Same here. After Gears 3, I just decided that paying the full price of a game a year to play one game was a ripoff. I only wish I would have seen that I was being ripped/raped off back in 2006-2007. I could have saved so much money and gotten a fat PS3 or even 2 PS3s. All that money spent on Live and I have nothing to show for it. Still, I switched to the right console and its better late than never. I'm here to stay and I'm never going back!

Bennibop1691d ago

Nobody has used the latest incarnations of PSN or Live. Live could be a slow juddery mess for all we know. We all know sony makes better hardware we will have to wait to see what the online services handle like!

n4rc1692d ago

Well said..

My circle of gaming friends feel the same

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slampunk1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


Great comment mate......

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badz1491692d ago

what a stupid article! clearly fishing for hits trying to promote the Xbone! what is the PS4's failure? and what is the Xbone's success? if it's otherwise, I can think of many but the way the article trying to imply it...really hard to come out with any point!

showtimefolks1692d ago

both will succeed overall, i don't think we will ever see a gen where ps2 dominated and other 2 barely survived. This gen the way it looks like ps4 will end up selling a lot followed bu xbox one than wii-u will be a very very distant 3rd

ps4's price point alone is gonna make it sell like hot cakes for first year or so, and when MS drops the price let's say $100 which i don't see them doing within 12 months, sony can drop it another $50

This is the best way i can put it,

PS4 has to loose them gen for MS to win, its all in ps4's corner.

Kr1551692d ago

I think we are starting to see Microsofts huge viral marketing push here on N4G.

mechlord1691d ago

very well said and thats good for you.
Me myself i prefer the PS4, as ive had the PS3 and didnt miss a thing. One thing people tend to forget (and i think SONY is kinda counting on this happening) is Gaikai. If everything else hadnt convinced me, i would buy the Ps4 just because of this feature....which no one really knows exactly how it will play out :)

avengers19781691d ago

PS4 has been, and continues to be a success. I'm not sure what failure there talking about, it's pre order numbers are great, it has a lot of positive momentum going into launch.
XB1 has done well since there policy changes.

All anyone can say right now is that both consoles are doing well in pre orders going into launch. But neither is a success or failure yet... That knowledge will come a few years down the road. If one has 30 million sold and the other 5 million sold a few years from now then you can say what one is a failure. But if they both sell around 80 million like this gen, then both are a success. It is possible for both to be successful.

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Kayant1692d ago

Same I want a new experience this gen and more variety of games (less shooters) and more value in online and PS+ offerers that. I still need to get a PS3 at some point also can't miss the gems there ;). I joined this gen pretty late :(.

schlanz1692d ago

Sony has shown a continued commitment to gamers by producing the most games and providing the best value for their subscription model. Compared to what MS has done, regarding increasing the value of their subscription service and providing exclusive first party content, any gamer should be able to clearly come to the conclusion that Sony is a game company that won't abandon the core gamer.

HugoDrax1691d ago

I'm still going PS4 & XB1 & Wii U next gen. I already own the latter and I never play it lol. Which makes me think how often will I play my Wii U once I pickup both PS4 & XB1 at launch.

Here's hoping the consoles release 2 to 3 weeks apart so that I can enjoy RYSE,Dead Rising 3, and Forza before I get to enjoy Killzone, and Watch Dogs or vice versa.

Can you imagine the chaos if both consoles released on the same day? Hahaha PANDEMONIUM! Speaking of Pandemonium, that reminds me of the game that i completed from PS1 days hahaha!

TheTwelve1692d ago

Sales-wise it won't be close. PS4 will own worldwide this gen.

This doesn't mean that the WiiU or the X1 won't be good consoles in themselves over time. Sony just has too many good things going for them right now all at once and at the right time.


JBSleek1692d ago

I think they may gain a sizable lead in the beginning but to think Microsoft is going to sit for seven years and allow Sony to kill it in sales for that long seems unlikely.

pompombrum1692d ago

Thing is though, Xbox 360 was way in front of the ps3 at one point but the ps3 won the overall console sales. The other big difference I see is that I don't see any ps3 owners turning to the Xbox One while I personally know a ton moving from Xbox to PS as they feel betrayed by Microsoft/prefer the cheaper option.

I wouldn't count Microsoft out by no means but I think they still have quite an uphill battle.

wishingW3L1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

they did it with the Xbox 360, that's why the PS3 is at 80 millions while the X360 is at 78 or something. No matter what they do they will never win Japan and most of Europe will continue to be PlayStation like always.

And now without a year head-start the Xbox One will not be able to cash-in on North American sales like the X360 did to compensate for the lack of World Wide sales compared to the PS3 either. The XB1 is at a disadvantage on every front, and not to mention that its price it $100 higher too.

JBSleek1692d ago

"Thing is though, Xbox 360 was way in front of the ps3 at one point but the ps3 won the overall console sales. "

So is it possible that those roles reverse and now that MS has their back against the walls they reverse the roles?

"No matter what they do they will never win Japan and most of Europe will continue to be PlayStation like always."

Europe is also a big place for MS as well actually I believe that MS sells more in Europe than Sony does. Japan is Sony but that is to be expected.

Look I'm not saying that MS will outperform but it takes your back against the wall for you to really come out and perform. Sony didn't come back out of the kindness of their hearts...MS pushed them into a corner and forced them to compete. We could be looking at the exact same thing this year.

XabiDaChosenOne1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

They did it with the PS2, they "sat there" and allowed the PS3 to overtake it in sales and guess what? They are going to sit there and watch it happen again.

#deal with it
" I believe that MS sells more in Europe than Sony does. Japan is Sony but that is to be expected."
You can sit here and fantasize but it holds no weight against documented historical sales figures.

Kryptix1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I'm not into the whole, sales define something thing but...

Worldwide Sales
PS1: 104 million
N64: 32.9 million

PS2: 157 million
Xbox: 24.6 million

PS3: 78.4 million
Xbox 360: 78 million

The Playstation brand holds the most weight out of the big 3 worldwide. See how Sony slipping up on the PS3 still gained it more sales than the 360? Also Microsoft had a 1 year advantage and the PS3 still caught up. Wonder how much Microsoft slipping up on the Xbox One has cost them. Now that Sony and MS are both releasing a console in the same year, I really don't think the Xbox One will outsell the PS4.

koolaid2511692d ago

I think that the xbox 2 will release before the ps5 if the ps4 outsells them this gen I also believe that this will be a short gen like we use to have when we got new consoles every 5 to 6 years remember those days?

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n4rc1692d ago

Just because I feel like pointing out the obvious and love dislikes..

You forget the ps3 was bought by many simply because it was a bluray player. Ps4 doesn't have that huge bonus this time around..

Looking at ps3 (or 360 for that matter) sales is irrelevant to this gen

ShwankyShpanky1692d ago

That may have been true initially, but the PS3 maintained sales strength long after lower-priced BluRay altertives were available.

McScroggz1692d ago

Yeah, but at the time Blu-rays weren't the dominant format either. Certainly the PS3 gained sales through being a cheap Blu-ray, but it's unlikely it was a significant edge early on.

Ju1691d ago

PS4 is still $100 cheaper, offers pretty much everything the XBone does and is the better (faster) of the two (money for value).

filipakos1691d ago

At least it served as a blu-ray player not tv controller

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Rimeskeem1692d ago

Although this is true I hope that the Xbox one can keep selling and I really want it but money is tight so I was I my able to get one and that was the PS4

swerve1211692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Sorry bro things change and fast. All it takes is a slip up by Sony and boom everyone will go with M$ or Nintendo. And you have to think can Sony handle the demand? Cause if people want the next gen system and the X1 is there and the PS4 is not there gonna spend that money on the X1.

AceBlazer131692d ago

i think sony has been dealing with hardware long enough to meet demand. ms on the other hand they're another story.

Jeff2571691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Sony had their slip up already. It was called the PS3 launch. They were extremely arrogant about what people would do to buy one at the high price they wanted for it. Even with that and the lead Microsoft had the 360 is still behind in hardware sales and for the last few years in exclusive games. People were yelling that Sony was doomed and that they had no games. But they turned it all around to again show gamers why they are the best choice. I still don't understand why people want Sony to fail so badly though. They have had their missteps but they have shown with each system they have produced that they know what gamers want while constantly adding more to each generation.

I'm not saying I want Microsoft to fail but they showed people what they had planned and it backfired. Unfortunately for them they also don't have the stellar track record for how they support a system with games over the entire generation. They do great at the start and then fizzle out by the end. They have said they created more studios to finally bring out more and better games. But so far we haven't seen anything from them. Maybe they can finally do better. But until they actually show a reason to trust them many people just won't.

mechlord1691d ago

" Sorry bro things change and fast. All it takes is a slip up by Sony and boom everyone will go with M$ or Nintendo."
I think your logic is flawed. Its not like people will overnight ditch their consoles and g buy would need to be an astronomical blunder (i cant think of something at that level considering we had the RRods and the PSN hacks - events on both camps and people didnt significantly switched consoles)

"And you have to think can Sony handle the demand? "
I think any of the two can handle the demand. they are planning for it, you can see the preorder frenzy going on, so they have solid data on which to plan. Plus, at least Sony, has been releasing hardware for eons now, so i think they can handle their stuff.

" Cause if people want the next gen system and the X1 is there and the PS4 is not there gonna spend that money on the X1. "

I think this will happen the most after the first year or the first 6 months...remember, initially those that will buy the systems are people well informed that know what they want. If i set my eyes on the X1, im not gonna buy a Ps4 just because... or vice versa

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Avernus1692d ago

Oh gawd... another fanboy bait article. Is there anything worth reading anymore?! I can't wait for these consoles to come out so these "PS4 vs XBOX 1" articles will disappear for a while.

GodGinrai1692d ago

man..when they release its gonna get worse! lol

On a side note, I would like to suggest that all fanboys meet up at Brighton beach for a big melee.

Xbox fan:" these PS fanboys fink their well ' wanna have a barney, then, boys?"

PS fan: "dont you give it, all that lemon, sunshine!..caaam on then!..I`ll faakin 'ave ya!"

Heisenburger1692d ago

Idk what i just read, but I guessed and went with a Scottish accent.

Was I correct?

SniperControl1692d ago

Huh, Brighton beach in the UK right?

Surely it shoud be "Cooey darling!" While mincing down the beach
"O-M-G! Is that bitch wearing a green tank top with those trousers"

Before anyone gets confused, Brighton is the gay capital of the UK.

GodGinrai1691d ago

@Heisenburger. No its more of an east london "cockney" accent


I take it you never seen quadrophenia....

1692d ago