Reasons Not to Buy a Next-Gen Console Upon Release

Console Monster writes: "So many people are thinking that they will pick up a next-gen console upon release, but equally I think a few people are having second thoughts, including me. Here are some reasons why I'm pondering whether or not to buy a next-gen console upon release."

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allformats1718d ago

I am buying one because I'm excited about gaming. I'm excited about standing in a line and rushing home to unpack my box (PS4 of course).

So I"m not reading your piece. Love me some next-gen console launch excitement!

Starbucks_Fan1718d ago

Standing in line? Eww. I'm staying home and waiting for my Amazon preorder to arrive :p

mcstorm1718d ago

I agree im going the same with my Xbox one cant wait to get hold of my new consoles but then again I cant wait to get hold of Forza 5, GT6, Ryse, Mario 3D, Pokémon X, DK, Sonic, Zelda HD more as this is the reason why I am buying the consoles.

Intentions1718d ago

Wasn't planning on getting either at launch anyway, going to wait for a bigger game library.

To be honest, most of next-gen games that I want to play isn't coming out at launch, so I can wait. In the meantime I can actually play GTA5 and finish it [when it releases etc] :)

golding891718d ago

I guess these are valid reasons for some but I am not sure i can wait 6 months or a year to buy a next-gen console.

Neixus1717d ago

reasons are indeed valid, people don't think about what would happen if we didn't buy them.

''Hey guys, let's boycot Sony and Microsoft for 6 months, so when we return to them they're bankrupt!''

DEATHxTHExKIDx1718d ago

Well I personally wont because Infmaous:SS is not a launch title. And theres still at least 4 or 5 current gen games I wanna buy some of them coming in 2014.

My struggle will be this holiday deciding between a wiiU and PSvita. I know theres gonna be deals for both and, they will get overshadowed by next gen. wiiU is gonna hit its stride pretty soon but, theres still a few games I want on Vita.

Cam9771718d ago

Since you're getting the PS4 I'd get the Vita.

Heisenburger1717d ago

One word:
Thats's not one word.


Jk man. I am sooo excited for GTA! It is releasing soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.