Nintendo's Australian financial results; worrying, to say the least

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The Australian division of Japanese video gaming giant Nintendo has taken another staggering hit to its finances for the second year in a row, losing a further 36 percent of its overall revenue over the past year as its flagship Wii U console has flopped with consumers due to what is perceived to be a lack of quality games."

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gaelic_laoch1871d ago

I'm really looking forward to playing Mario and Zelda on my PS4! It's inevitable!

TheEvilWithin1871d ago

Keep dreaming... Nintendo already stated IF big IF they ever close up shop there taking the games with them. They won't pull a Sega. Nintendo is finally getting its big games out and judging by the review scores pouring in for Pikmin 3 I would say this is a great start for Nintendo. Nintendo could screw this system up and still be able to make another console or two or three before falling out of the industry.

But if you want to waste your time still dreaming about playing Nintendo games on the lack luster original games on the PS4 sure go for it but for the mean time I will be playing the Big N games for the rest of the year and having an amazing time.

kneon1871d ago

If Nintendo got out of the home console business then they will make games for other systems. They will have no choice, the shareholders will demand it.

It would be stupid to leave so much money laying on the table.

MattS1871d ago

Apparently you mistake bravado for the realities of business.

Even if somehow Nintendo manages to convince the shareholders and board to simply close up shop than make games for other consoles (because all those millionaires would love to just lose their millions, right?), Nintendo's IP would be bought in liquidation and Activision will make a Mario game for the other consoles.

I realise this comment is going to get me dislikes, but regardless of how much you dislike reality, this is how business works.

TheEvilWithin1871d ago

@MattS I don't care what you think. Nintendo owns the property. If they decide that there is no other value for there property then and ONLY then would there ever be a liquidation of said property.

Plus you seem to forget Nintendo is a multi BILLION dollar company so it ever coming down to that is VERY... VERY slim. Its WAYYYYYY to early to even say what Nintendo's situation is going to look like.

Nintendo is just now getting the games out that will bring in system sales. Plus I see a price drop coming very very soon on the Wii U deluxe just by looking at what there doing with the basic bundle.

Oh and Activision making a Mario game cause they have such a TALENTED studio. Yeah I can see it now Call Of Duty: Goomba Warfare. That's when you KNOW the property has NO VALUE and Mario/Zelda/Metroid/Pikmin/Sta r Fox/F-zero/Smash Bro's/Mario Kart are NOT property's of NO VALUE.

Thepcz1871d ago

you will never see mario made by the likes of activision. nintendo are old skool, very traditional, they would never let that happen.

i think nintendo would rather burn their hq to the ground with all their assets inside than have activition control their property.

nintendo have honour, like ninjas. they would rather fall on their own sword than let 3rd parties scavenge their assets.

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Whymii1871d ago

Very unlikely happen. There's far too much bad blood between Sony and Nintendo. More likely to happen with Apple if it was ever to happen.

Besides Sony isn't doing so well financially here or abroad either. They've been heamoraging money for the past few years in most of their divisions, let alone on products like the Vita. You're also forgetting how well the 3DS is selling, both in hardware and software.

Thepcz1871d ago

i think that is a more likely scenario. nintendo to ditch the console market and go handheld only.

and that is hardly admitting defeat seeing as tablets and mobile gaming is big business. the console may be a dying breed.

we will have to see how the ps4 and xbox1 perform before we jump to conclusions about how bad wiiu is doing.

Kevlar0091871d ago

Too bad Nintendo would just take all their franchises to their handheld, making it the best handheld gaming console ever made

gaelic_laoch1871d ago

That would leave them a very big fish in a very small pond!

RedHawkX1871d ago

nintendo has stupid region lock they need to get rid of that crap now. xbox one and ps4 dont have region lock so why does nintendo? nintendo is gonna be handheld only if they keep being dumb.

Whymii1871d ago

Their handheld is region locked and it's slaughtering the Vita, just as the DS did to the PSP. The problem has nothing to do with region locking, that's a whole different issue. Nintendo's problem is that it has failed to make a compelling case for people to buy into its system, either from a technological or software proposition.

Also, neither PS4 or Xbone are out yet so we have to wait and see what happens there. Maybe one will far outsell the other, in which case it again proves that region locking is not the problem.

Finally, if you shop online at places like ozgameshop you can buy games that play on PAL systems for around $55 delivered to your door, well below store prices. Region locking only affects people who don't exercise their shopping power.

sincitysir11871d ago

@whymii I don't understand people like u. Is it necessary to go and bring up the vita? Dude we get it the vita not doing well. Ur just as bad as the people talking smack about the wii u which I'm sure u like. Just say the handheld is doing well and leave it at that. The vita is an awesome device which unfortunately suffers from lack of "amazing" software.

Whymii1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

@ Sincitysir1

I have a both the PSP and Vita so I am not bashing them. In fact I like the Vita very much and prefer it to my son's 3DS, but facts are facts. So what don't you understand? Maybe I can help you.

I was responding to the claim that region locking affects sales and Nintendo are dumb. You were responding like a hurt fanboy. I was demonstrating that region locking practices, as demonstrated by Nintendo, isn't the issue. The lack of compelling software affects sales far more, the Wii u and Vita prove that. And yes I do like my Wii u... and PS3 and 360 and whatever comes next.

Benchm4rk1871d ago

Dreaming mate. If Nintendo decide to drop out of the console business they will continue to dominate the handhelds and release all there games on there.

jcnba281871d ago

Nintendo's gaming division is far wealthier than Sony's. Keep dreaming lol

Prime_281871d ago

Keep dreaming bro the only company that's in trouble financially is sony LOL

sincitysir11871d ago

@benchm4rk @jcnba28 @prime_28 what is this the dream team?

LOL_WUT1871d ago

Nope alternate accounts I would assume ;)

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B-radical1871d ago

Agreed worst that happens is wii fails they make zelda and mario handheld exclusives

RFornillos41871d ago

but then again, the Wii is already a success...

urwifeminder1871d ago

Still looking to get wii u after xb1 just waiting for the price to drop as I wont play it a lot.

byeGollum1871d ago

I love mine. That gamepad feature don' spoiled me. I'm playing MH3U on the gamepad while flexing most of the time. Nintendo cannot fail, their other platform 3DS is doing superb, and wiiU will be a success, maybe not wii type of success, but it will definitely succeed. They're taking measures to enure that happens.

Everyone and their mothers are anticipating the outcome of this holiday season.

wheresmymonkey1871d ago

61 billion in the bank, no debt and every system excpet the WiiU sold at a profit. (the wiiU becomes profitable after you buy one game for it)

Yeah Nintendo are in trooooouuuble. the WiiU might not be doing well at the moment but the company itself is doing wonderfully.

If the WiiU fails they'll come up with something else and move on. But seeing how they've managed to turn the fortues of the 3ds around in just under a year i highly doubt it, and from recent reports that they're about to chuck high quality exclusives at us on an almost monthly basis which should help things no end.

All it needs is a price cut so it gets in more peoples hands, Most people that own the console both casual and core love the thing.