Sony explains lack of Planetside 2 PC and PS4 cross-platform play, teases character transfers

Sony is exploring the possibility of letting Planetside 2 players transfer their character between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

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Wizziokid1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

"said all PC content patches will appear on the PS4, but with a slight delay for approval - and it's this delay that means cross-platform play isn't possible."

Well that is a valid point, it's a shame Sony can't do something to speed up the process to make them equal though.

Still looking forward to it's launch on PS4 and until then I still have the PC version

boing11809d ago

I don't think it's a valid excuse. Cross play should simply be disabled until all patches are available on both platforms.

Forbidden_Darkness1809d ago

Except the fact that they'll still be releasing patches for the PC version even once the PS3 version releases, thus exists the problem

1809d ago
millgate11809d ago

Wait what? Delay? There's another free-to-play game called War Thunder (that's on PC now) also coming to PS4 and it will be cross-platform play as said in an interview. Why would there be a delay with a Sony owned studio?

Wizziokid1809d ago

Also FF:ARR is cross-platform play so I have no idea.

millgate11809d ago

Also, I forgot to mention, patches for War Thunder will release on PS4 and PC at the same time. Really odd :/

cleft51809d ago

I can only think that War Thunder and Warframe developers will time their patches in such a way that they can be delivered in relatively the same time frame. I remember the Warframe devs talking about how they update almost everyday and they have hotfixes, yet they will be doing cross-play I believe. It does seem sort of odd that they aren't able to work this out, especially being a Sony owned studio.

CheexInk1809d ago

It's a more friendly reason to give rather than, "A playerbase that mostly wants to use gamepads wouldn't be able to compete well with a playerbase using M&KB".

Also War Thunder likely has to deal with the same things, it's just that they'll withhold PC updates until the PS updates are ready to go.

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ATi_Elite1809d ago

"People who have AMD chips have a disadvantage, because a single core on an AMD chip doesn't really have as much horsepower and they really require you to kind of spread the load out across multiple cores to be able to take full advantage of the AMD processors."

.........and that's why I own Intel.

No Cross-platform play: Not until Sony OK's KB/M support for it's games. When that happens then us Master Race PC Gamers can DESTROY you controller using, auto aim assist having consolers. LMAO!

KB/M the ultimate weapon for FPS!

(I've played Halo so many times against people using controllers and I'm not even good at Halo but I manage to own the controller users. There is a difference so don't Hate)

DeadlyFire1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

So they can't hold the PC patches back to match up to PS4's patching? really?

IaMs121809d ago

Only way is to hold back the release of the PC version, in this case.

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Septic1809d ago

I hope character transfers are sorted. It seems like its just a matter of time judging by what they're saying so that sounds promising.

forcefullpower1809d ago

Can't wait to transfer my PC character over. Then again I do like starting a character from scratch

urwifeminder1809d ago

Awful game with lots of potential deleted it may come back one day.

PeaSFor1809d ago

"Awful" game? really?

crystal meth is bad for you.

FlunkinMonkey1809d ago

Jealousy is a hell of a drug.

urwifeminder1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Why would I be jealous I feel the game is too open at times the best fun I had was in bottle necks on maps and racing quads, for me it is awful as it did not meet my expectations or hype at its core its cool has good ideas like I said I may try again as it evolves gun play is sluggish and free to play is one hell of a grind. Forgot must not have my own opinion and follow the masses what was I thinking.

Wizziokid1809d ago

"Awful game so I'll read a post about it and comment about how I don't like it"

The logic is strong in this one.

MidnytRain1809d ago

He could have written a blog or forum post but that would've wasted more space...

ATi_Elite1809d ago

This guy ^^^^^

has NEVER played Planetside 2! PS2 is a great game. (although I like Firefall better) no one who has really played PS2 has said it's awful. That's like saying Uncharted sucks or No one plays Diablo 3!

PS2 won best game of show at E3 in 2012! A PC Game winning E3, that's how DAM Good PS2 is.

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josh143991809d ago

It wouldn't be fun playing against keyboard and mouse players.

byeGollum1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

And that too, getting owned is no fun. With no cross play, everyone will be on an even playing field.

dboyman1809d ago

Maybe this is the reason why there is no cross play. Many of the PC players will have some advantages over the console controller counterparts, so it would be unfair. Sony should offer keyboard/mouse support for the PS4 like the PS3, but actually enforce it...

RytGear1809d ago

I don't really want to play cross-platform with PC, they have mice... that would lead to a MASSIVE advantage, so unless you can opt in to play against PC I am not happy with Cross play

ATi_Elite1809d ago

I'm hoping Sony has more KB/M support this Gen so PC Gamers and Sony owners can game together. Right Now I see Sony pushing for Devs to use the PS4 controller's unique fetures more so no KB/m support for a while at least.

But Yes KB/m KILLS controllers in FPS and it's a HUGE advantage when you super fine tune a 1600p Laser mouse to work Flawlessly plus having a Mechanical Cherry Switch Keyboard.

PLUS many PC Gamers with multi-monitor set-ups have Peripheral view and that too is a MASSIVE advantage of having 180 degrees of constant eye-sight versus the standard straight ahead view.

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