The Tomb Raider Sequel Additions

Square Enix Origin predicted that a Tomb Raider sequel was guaranteed to happen following the games early success. In early March it was originally reported that the Tomb Raider reboot sold one million copies in only three days, fast forward to today and the game has sold over five million copies and counting. After an announcement that a sequel was well into development, ideas flooded twitter about potential additions to the game. As a long time Tomb Raider fan, here are Square Enix Origin’s key additions that a sequel must have from a fans perspective.

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1662d ago
isarai1662d ago

please put more focus into puzzle solving, that was my main issue with the newest tomb raider was that it barely had any puzzles, and the few it did have were mind numbingly simple.

AntoineDcoolette1662d ago

I just hope Square Enix has realistic expectations for a new TR and doesn't declare pushing several million copies in two months a financial disappointment.