GTA V vs Past Rockstar Games Gameplay Comparison Show Startling Similarities

Recently GTA community got to know that GTA V combat is pretty similar to the one we saw in Max Payne 3. Well that was just the half truth as Rockstar Games took inspiration for GTA V not only from Max Payne 3 but also from "Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Midnight Club Los Angeles".

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SolidStoner1749d ago

All R* games are brilliant!!!

and this comparison is very well made!!!

showtimefolks1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

GTA 5 will be the best of any RS games because it will have all the best of what worked in past RS games this gen

GTA4 started it all
la Noire
max anyone 3
Midnight club LA

Everything RS have learned during development and feedback from their fans have made GTA5 what is is gen thought there is still so much unknown

Can't wait

GTA online could be the biggest feature in GTA game ever but we don't know much. Sme of the fan ideas on what GTA online could be has made me skeptical and excited so lets see

What a way to close this gen

New bioshock maybe not as good as the first one but sill very good game
The last of us
Ni Nu Kuni the return of what RPG's use to be

Now hats called going out with a bang

koh1749d ago

Don't forget Table Tennis. We need more table tennis in GTA

PeEsFour1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

The best improvements IMO will be the shooting mechanics and the vehicle driving.

GTA V will be the best Rockstar game ever created with features from all of their games.

ape0071749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

i can't imagine how great the game is going to be, u see GTA IV even with its bit heaver controls and lack of content(like in SA)was and still one of the best games ever, imagine GTA V


memots1749d ago

No shit point dexter, how else is it supposed to be ?

iamnsuperman1749d ago

It is good they took the best ideas that worked in their other games. I know it wouldn't work in a GTA game but I did love in Max Payne 3 how you could only carry 1 big weapons and it had to held in you hand at all times. That was a nice touch

isarai1749d ago

I noticed all of this already but still a very cool video, GTA V seems to be a culmination of all their best found mechanics into one amazing looking game. GOD i can't wait! 42 more dayz!!!

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