EarthBound - Time And Space Couldn't Stop It!

Frank Inglese Writes:

EarthBound fever is here and it has been running red-hot! This cult-classic, JRPG from all the way back in 1994 has returned, big time, with it’s Virtual Console release on Nintendo’s newest money-maker, the Wii U. Any educated nerd knows what EarthBound, or Mother, is and if you didn’t know what it was before then I guarantee you know what it is now, especially with it’s re-release.

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masterabbott1754d ago

great read, Earthbound is an awesome game! love it.

F-Inglese-941754d ago

One of my fav games right now, no doubt.

byeGollum1754d ago

I might have to give this a try, the fans on miiverse love it