Last Gen Sales Don’t Mean a Thing

Anyone else tired of people using last-gen sales as leverage over the PlayStation 4? These numbers do not mean a thing Next-Gen. So all of you using numbers to prove a false and ridiculous point, you need to stop deluding yourself and stop putting false information in other peoples brains. You can all see here that those numbers don't prove any sort of point.

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ShugaCane1878d ago

"Even though the Xbox 360 only holds the crown in game sales and over-all console sales"

Well, that is inaccurate. The PS3 is now ahead of the 360 in terms of global hardware sales.

thatamike1877d ago

Thank you. I love your comment. Agreed.

xHeavYx1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"Forget the fact that Sony screwed up with the PlayStation 3"
Yeah, what a "failure" it was, who buys games like Uncharted, God of War or The Last of Us? Better play COD all the time /s
This seems like a "defending the PS brand" article made by an Xbox fanboy

HammadTheBeast1877d ago

I love this. All this Gen, it's been "XBOX SHELLS MOAR".

Now that the tables have turned, it suddenly doesn't mean a thing.


insomnium21877d ago

"So all of you using numbers to prove a false and ridiculous point, you need to stop deluding yourself and stop putting false information in other peoples brains"

LOL facepalm!

TomShoe1877d ago

It makes me wonder why people are disagreeing with a statement that is factually true...

Wizziokid1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

PS3 and Wii are ahead of the 360.

Ol_G1877d ago

"Even though the Xbox 360 only holds the crown in game sales and over-all console sales"

i thought the wii sold 100m guess i was wrong then

awi59511877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

This gen is over microsoft made way more money so they win. Fanboys dont matter they only care about the money just ask the share holders. If the console doesnt make money there won't be another one ask Sega about that one. People loved the dreamcast it had great games its still a dead company and hardware.

dcj05241877d ago

Nintendo made more money than both lol. DS+Wii=Monie$

HammadTheBeast1877d ago

Yes, but MS also lost billions for RROD.

PSVita1877d ago

So it's about profit now?....

How much of that did you get again?

awi59511877d ago


Microsoft lost like a billion dollars on RROD but xbox live makes 500 million a month thats world of warcraft money they have made that money back 1000 times. And they have been making money on hardware for 5 whole years.

BlaqMagiq241877d ago

If you're talking money Nintendo tops Microsoft so M$ still loses. How does that feel?

awi59511876d ago


Nintendo has lost crazy amounts of money the last few years with the huge drop in hardware sales of the Wii. There stock prices are crap and some of the executives were on suicide watch.

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LoveOfTheGame1877d ago

As I see it the Wii is first in sales with the 360 and PS3 tied at not first.

AngelicIceDiamond1877d ago

@ShuagaCane Everyone says that around here but show no sources stating that.

Sony sales better WW but by how much? I think they are quite even by now.

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JBSleek1877d ago

This race will a close one in the beginning I would suspect but when both prices start to drop and Xbox One and PS4 cost the same I see the One pulling away.

just a prediction people don't rage please.

pompombrum1877d ago

Surely though that unless Microsoft are prepared to make a loss on each Xbox One sale, the PS4 will always cheaper. I don't really understand all the costs of the different hardware components but I fail to see how the Xbox One will ever be cheaper than a PS4 with the kinect device added into the bundle.

JBSleek1877d ago

I never said cheaper I said the same price. A battle in 2016 between a $299 PS4 and $299 XBox One could be a very real thing.

It's a prediction. I may be wrong or I may be right but knowing how the average consumer thinks they care more about the features of a device.

Minato-Namikaze1877d ago

The 360 has been at a lower price point ALL generation and couldnt pull away, lol. Now that MS's focus is more on media and not so much games they aren't going to be pulling away from anything.

JBSleek1877d ago

How was it a lower price ALL generation when PS3 got the price cut to $299 in 2009?

And if their focus is mulitmedia as you say then that will be the reason they pull away not the games.

This is to the average consumer here not the gamer. Also 90% of the games are the same so I don't think they care...They can play CoD, Madden, Battlefield.

InTheLab1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


The Arcade which was $250 for years with the PS3 at $399 and later on $350 and 4 gig model at $199 has always been cheaper than ANY PS3 including the $299 and $250 models...

You are also forgetting the $99 promo X360.

Despite that, the pS3 is still pulling away from the 360.

dcj05241877d ago

@JBSleek don't lump my Battlefield with those jokes of a game.

koolaid2511877d ago

It took ps3 8 years to pull away lol and Wii kicked both xbox 360 and ps3 anus real talk.

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Major_Glitch1877d ago

Just what are you basing your prediction on? Here's my prediction. Based on pre-orders, the PS4 will take an early and sizeable lead. Then, based on playstation's history of pumping out GOTY winning exclusives, the PS4 will not only keep the lead, but it will increase as the generation progresses.

just a prediction people, don't rage plese.

JBSleek1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

And your prediction is a valid one for you to make.

Also I find it weird that people look at history to make these predictions.

They look at the good of the PS3 and the bad of the 360 and form them from their.

I could spin history and predict that the PS4 was going to cost $600 and remove features later on and then later get hacked and go offline for almost a month. And lost more marketshare.

You see how anyone can spin history to make a prediction.

I think your point is valid and if it went with PS4 winning all generation long I wouldn't be surprised but my prediction that we will see a much closer race than people think it is.

kreate1877d ago


'I find it weird that people look at history to make these predictions.'

That's how a prediction is suppose to be made, based on history.

What do u base ur predictions on? A crystal ball?

kayoss1877d ago

Have you ever watch any sports football, basketball, baseball? Do you know how they predict how a team will do the next season or the following season? you guessed it, its through their past performances. Using History is not an accurate way of predicting the future but thats the best way to do it. Unless you own a crystal ball like JBSleek here or Taro cards.

InTheLab1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

how will the X1 and PS4 ever cost the same? If X1 has a price drop, don't you think the Ps4 will have a price drop?

Also, the PS3 has beaten the X360 selling 2 to 3 million more console per year with a higher price point. Doesn't it seem logical that a cheaper PS4 will outsell the more expensive X1?

There's no years head start to boost the X1 so I don't understand why anyone believes X1 has a chance at winning anywhere but the US...and even that's questionable since the backlash over policies. Normal consumers (as apposed to hardcore gamers)won't easily forgive or forget what MS tried to do, which was remove your rights as a consumer.

JBSleek1877d ago

Normal consumers don't know what DRM is so how can they fault Xbox for something they know nothing about.

The normal consumer cares more about features than they do specs.

Normal consumers love new things.

Also people have short memories about things in the past.

Retroman1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"i see the ONE pulling away"

oh really!! i see you have 14 disagrees. did u see that coming haaaaaaa.

on topic: this article is nothing more than trying to stir up gamers to the dark side MS camp, claiming 360 sold more but in the Real World (Blue pill) ps3 sold more worldwide in sales.

PSVita1877d ago

The ps3 and Xbox have had plenty of price drops and they're still not the same price.

AceofStaves1877d ago

I can't see the One pulling away, especially in the global market. It may well establish itself as the leader in the U.S over time (though I think the PS4 will have stronger initial sales given its lower price point), but I can't see it having nearly as much international appeal with its heavily US-centric digital TV deals and features.

For those of us outside the U.S., the one is simply another game console because of those digital licensing restrictions. Therefore, MS will need to provide strong exclusives, a great online experience, and play up to the XB1's strengths in order to justify the higher price point for a console that doesn't offer non-US gamers the 'all in one' set-top box experience.

I think the PS4 will do much stronger globally than the PS3 did this gen,.

Hicken1877d ago

What's your prediction based on?

If prices drop for the XB1, then prices will drop for the PS4. It'll take until late into the generation- like this one- before the consoles are about the same price.

Until then, it's entirely likely that the PS4 will outsell the XB1.

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byeGollum1877d ago

Now that it's all said and done. What do any of you gain from discussing sales over the years? Shares? Beats me.

fsfsxii1877d ago

Nice to see a sane man alive.
I've been saying this all along, people beat themselves over a company's sales witch they're not getting a cent from them.

Thehyph1877d ago

This is what I've been saying. Anyone who thinks sales numbers matter either A) have a monetary stake in those sales or B) are using those numbers to argue over which is "better."
Note that point B mostly just applies to the internet.

I just want to play video games. I already feel guilty about the amount of material things that I own. There is zero chance I am going to promote one or the other. If you think I am going to argue over which $4-500 purchase is/was better, then you're a fool. Some people seem so entrenched in consumerism and the rat race that they don't know how to be fulfilled in any other way. There are more important things out there.

(semi-ironic rambling of an n4g user)

QuickdrawMcgraw1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I guess some are just very passionate over their console of choice.No offence to steve,fsf,or gollum,but why are you even in this article if sales mean nothing to you?

LoveOfTheGame1877d ago

Your asking why people who believe sales don't matter are in an article talking about how sales don't matter.

This is why the other species make fun of us.

josephayal1877d ago

sales don't actually matter, but Xbox One already need a price cut

creatchee1877d ago

How did this even get approved? This should be a comment on an appropriate article, not an article itself.

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