Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Gets Multiplayer Screens, Crossover with Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice and More

Gung Ho Online Entertainment release a new batch of multiplayer screenshots about Ragnarok Online Ace. In addition to that, it also detailed a surprising slew of crossover content.

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Lord_Sloth1871d ago

Hmm...Curious as to how they're incorporating these...Look forward to finding out more.

sypher1871d ago

Wow! Quite a list so far;

"Here are the titles that will make a (yet unspecified) appearance in the game.

Gravity Rush
Soul Sacrifice
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
Emil Chronicle Online
Ragnarok Online
Keri Princess Suites
Puzzle & Dragons
Sengoku Tenkatrigger
Crazy Tower
Picotto Knights
Ragnarok Tactics"

Really interested to see whether it will be quests, items etc.

1870d ago
r211870d ago

I didnt like RO much...but those cross overs are tempting.