Divinity: Dragon Commander Review – Building and Blasting, Dragon Style | Entertainment Buddha

Dragon Commander is easily Larians’ best entry in the Divinity series, and one that has the potential to attract legions of gamers in a way that few other games on the market can thanks largely in part to the unique structure of the game.

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Xof1812d ago

That's high praise.

I guess Entertainment Buddha must be a good site, though I've never heard of it before. Last week Sven Vincke posted about gaming media on his blog, and basically said that he was becoming more discerning about who he showed off his games to--and who he would send review copies too--so that only journalists with knowledge/interest in the genre (and a history of writing competent reviews) would get copies.

So, congrats, guys.

1812d ago
tacotruck1811d ago

Thanks for the kind words! Be sure to check in on the site frequently - we've always got new content coming out.