Speculator: When will we see a new Mass Effect?

SnackBarGames: "This week, we talk about the next game from BioWare, weigh in on the future of Agent and ask which new console will reign supreme this holiday."

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1724d ago
showtimefolks1724d ago

i hope we see an announcements trailer at this year's spike tv video game awards.

mass effect

i hope we see both of this by year's end for next gen consoles

but i think ND's next game will be for ps4/ps3 since they started development after UC3 while the new team was hard at work for LOU

please bioware don't over promise and under deliver with new ME

DeadlyFire1724d ago

I expect After Dragon Age is released they push Mass Effect 4.

Williamson1724d ago

Surprised and glad mass effect didn't get any prequels or multiple spinoffs. It would of brought down the anticipation for the next main game IMO.

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medman1724d ago

I'm hoping by next years E3.