Games of the Generation: Batman Arkham Asylum

Join PSU as we begin to showcase some of the best PS3 games this console generation, beginning with Batman: Arkham Asylum.

PSU Writes:

"Throughout this generation, developers were looking into ways to innovate their games and bring something new to the table. Amid these attempts at innovation, Rocksteady released what some consider not only the best Batman game ever made, but perhaps the best comic book game ever made."

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1873d ago
Varzoth1873d ago

The game is great, but why not choose Arkham City instead? It was MUCH better.

AusRogo1873d ago

Actually I liked Arkham Asylum better, but Arkham City was still incredible! Both amazing games Imo

mafiahajeri1873d ago

Because it started it all. It started this amazing franchise and it holds a special place in many gamers collections. Arkham city was amazing and topped arkham asylum IMO but arkham asylum is just special.

1873d ago