Wii U and Third-Party Inconsistencies Pose Questions for Console Owners

Nintendo Life - It's been a slightly bruising week for the Wii U, though some positives have also emerged. From a first-party perspective there's the notable positive of Pikmin 3 hitting the valuable North American market, a game generally considered to be of excellent quality and an opening salvo in Nintendo's bold plans of recovery for the home console. On the negative side, we've had news of very poor console sales between 1st April and 30th June, just 160,000 units worldwide, but also some disappointing missed features in confirmed third-party titles.

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falcon971754d ago

Well 3rd partys bully Nintendo in my eyes because nintendo have the best selling franchises ?? i mean sony and microsoft set rules that devs have to go by yet still get full support,nintendo give devs more freedom with wiiu in other words you don't have to use these features if you don't want ect yet 3rd partys make half efforts ??

Nintendo build your own racing game studio's and fps studio's,and sit bk and watch 3rd partys flock bk simple,if you can't beat them join them,ie make your own ??