Batman: Arkham Origins dated for Japan, Blackgate 3DS not coming over

It’s been a strange week for Batman: Arkham Origins on Nintendo platforms. First we heard that the Wii U version wouldn’t include multiplayer. Now we’ve learned that Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate 3DS (the handheld companion to Origins on consoles) won’t be releasing in Japan.

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TheEvilWithin1873d ago

When does 3rd party stop screwing Nintendo? Kind of ridiculous at this point. The 3DS is the number 1 selling handheld and there going to miss out on that release?

I'm starting to think third party's are getting lazy and there just trying to scrap stuff that's in the works (seems to be Nintendo tittles) just so they can spend all there time making other platforms more appealing over the Wii U.

I don't know what's going on over in these company's but everyone seems to be taking it out on Nintendo lately.

3-4-51872d ago

Japan has too many other Great games releasing for them to have time for Blackgate.

Not that BG will be bad, but the 50 awesome games we will never see are currently being played right now in Japan.

Misaka_x_Touma1873d ago

why are you bringing Wii U on a 3DS game. 3DS has third party support the most at moment.

TheEvilWithin1873d ago

I was just pointing out how it has started with the Wii U and now it looks as if it might start spreading onto the 3DS as well. Just tired of developers dropping support to Nintendo instead of creating games that are going to drive people to buy there consoles.

Kurylo3d1873d ago

Well nintendo kinda has a reputation that people dont buy that console for third party games. They buy it for mario and zelda. Third party games tend to lose too much money. Why put up more money for a product that wont make it back. As for the 3ds in japan... not quite sure why they wouldnt support it if they make the game anyway, but maybe just not as many batman fans in japan.

--Onilink--1873d ago

I dont see what's the big deal. Probably Arkham games have not been very successful in Japan and they dont see a point in releasing them there. Just as there are hundreds of Japanese games that dont make it outside of Japan because companies do not see it as a viable choice

Protagonist1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I honestly dont get such arguements, I mean let the consumer decide...