Ten SNES Songs that Should be in Your MP3 Player

The Super Nintendo boasts an amazing selection of games as well as soundtracks. Though gaming has come along way from the days of the 16-bit era, some of the songs from that time have had a profound impact on gamers and the history of games alike. Thus, here is a list of ten SNES songs that gamers should have in their MP3 players.

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bohangirl841594d ago

Lol, it really was awesome.

3-4-51594d ago

Love SNES music. The Whole DKC2 soundtrack plus a few songs from DKC1 are just amazing and could be that entire top 10.

If 50% of games have good music now, then 60-70% of games had good music in the SNES era. So many catchy soundtracks.

Black-Helghast1593d ago

Gosh, how I miss those days..

Also, why didn't they put Chrono Trigger and Killer Instinct? Specially Killer Instinct? EMPHASIS ON "KILLER INSTINCT"?

elhebbo161594d ago

Man dat Megaman 3 intro <3...

Pixel_Enemy1594d ago

This article just reminds me about how much I loved my childhood.

Also how much I love Anamanaguchi. They use chiptunes from NES to make their music. They did the entire soundtrack to the Scott Pilgrim game.

sinjonezp1593d ago

Chrono Trigger was the best. The secret of the forest is one of my all time favs. Heck its been re done by wiz kalifa and Rick ross.

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Tetsujin1594d ago

I'd vote King K Rools theme from Donkey Kong Country 2 over Bramble Scramble. ABout 90% of the music from Chrono Trigger would help as well.

bohangirl841594d ago

I definitely have to check out Chrono Trigger.

contradictory1594d ago

yeah, do yourself a favor.
it's got one of the best themes in the entire SNES library.

also Megaman X had my personal favorite soundtracks on any SNES game
and that's largely because of nostalgic reasons

NukaCola1594d ago

My god yes. CHRONO TRIGGER has the most powerful soundtrack that I have ever heard. It's one of the most amazing games I have ever played and I think I am going to replay it today.

Lord_Sloth1594d ago

I've always been fond of this 1...

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elhebbo161594d ago

Chrono Trigger - Corridor of Time.

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The story is too old to be commented.