Super Mario Bros. Crossover: An Interesting Start to a Trip Down Memory Lane

Super Mario Bros. Crossover, a flash game originally posted on Newgrounds, places various Nintendo legends in the shoes of Mario. This game is ideal for fans of old-school NES titles and may serve as an inspiration for similar projects.

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1840d ago
Shoul1840d ago

Always a big fan of the talent that Newgrounds spawns - a lot of these flash developers end up churning out the next big hit indie game.

Someguyisawesome1839d ago

It would be interesting to see other Nintendo games like Metroid or Zelda invaded by Mario and I hope someone would pick up a project like that! Who would you want to see in the Sega counterpart invading the Sonic games =)?

I really enjoy playing this game as Link or Samus. I haven't checked out the Castlevania skin though! Wouldn't it be funny to see the Vic Viper in this game as well =P?