Squad Mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts: A Step in the Right Direction?

With the reveal of the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Ghosts fast approaching, Infinity Ward's Executive Producer Mark Rubin posted a short video on his Twitter account showing a brief glimpse of the upcoming title. What is the significance of this reveal?

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mcroddi1875d ago

Yes, more like BF please.

bohangirl841875d ago

I agree. Though I only played BF3 once, I had a great time while I played it.

Shadonic1875d ago

apparently people disagree with you having a great time on a game other than COD.

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joab7771875d ago

I am not a huge CoD fan but it has been hard to deny its popularity and success. That being said, after seeing the sp demo, this is not CoD4, just a prettier MW3. With many pretty next gen games coming, this may b the last super successful CoD game. Many will buy this, though being on a new console may hurt a little, but many will puchase xbox one just for this etc. But, once ppl see what Battlefield looks like, Titanfall, Destiny, Killzone etc., they will realize that CoD needs more than a reskinning to stay on top.

Lwhit61875d ago

Hate Call of Duty all you want, (yes i know it sucks), but just take a step back and look at what the series did. No other game or series of games was EVER this big. People hate it for what its become and i agree with them, but when you really think about it, Call of Duty did the unthinkable and we're witnessing what is probably to be the biggest game in all of video game history. Give them credit where credit is due.

Although the series is a dead, beaten horse and BF4 is going to kick @$$ this year!!

Grap1875d ago

if GTA goes the same route it will do even better. cod didn't do anything magnificent they had one successful cow and they just keep milking that cow. come on Rockstar can make yearly game with GTA:SA mechanics when it hit 20M sold copy, plz don't tell me they can't do that. they can but over time people will get bored with it. like WOW talking about real long investment.

Shadonic1875d ago

that would lead to a lose in quality too you know that right ?

Shadonic1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Halo was up there and it did that without whoring its difficulty to the point where its as easy as playing ball in a cup.

I agree they did the unthinkable but I place that more on developers fallowing the trail left behind by COD after Halo went dormant instead of doing there own thing.

_FantasmA_1874d ago

Counter Strike did everything and then COD brought it to consoles. Call of Duty is Counter Strike for consoles but unfortunately many console only players think Call of Duty invented everything.

nades_all_night1874d ago

But CounterStrike (for the most part) was good. CoD, not so much.

Lwhit61874d ago

I'm not saying Call of Duty did everything. I'm saying nothing ever was, and nothing probably ever will be as popular.

_FantasmA_1874d ago

I'm not saying that you said COD did everything. I'm just saying you are giving it too much credit. Yes its popular, but so is Lil Wayne and Jersey Shore. You can't give too much credit because it's a Counter Strike imitator with perks and killstreaks. Blacks Ops 1 was good because it was somewhat balanced and some of the multiplayer game modes are decent but it owes its existence to Counter Strike.

HammadTheBeast1874d ago

Do you know what?

CoD INNOVATED with CoD 4. It improved with MW2. Then it went to shit by pulling the same garbage for the next 5 games, and giving the 12 year old pros what they wanted.

Lwhit61874d ago

COD died with Vince Zampella and the rest of the crew that's working on Totanfall right now.

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Shadonic1875d ago

How would this even benefit COD ?

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Saints941874d ago

I don't know guy, people have weird fetishes out there.

PeEsFour1874d ago

Wow, the word "Squad" is such right a step in the right direction. This word changed the whole gaming world. Great word.

teezy1874d ago

They know BF4 is going to do well and probably better this year so they are copying elements of it.

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