The Uncanny Valley: What is a Gamer?

Alexix Ayala from Capsule Computers wrote :

It used to be that a gamer was easy to define, you had a console that played games or built a PC rig and that was that. Today we play games in web browsers, on our phones, even our user interfaces are becoming increasingly “gameified”. We’ve arrived at a point where what you would traditionally define as a gamer has become a grey area. This episode we tackle this very question.

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JoMO1958d ago

Turning 25 in a couple hours and this hit home hard! Love what the Uncanny Valley did here. Continue what you've begun; these episodes are great!

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F-Inglese-941958d ago

You're not wrong there man.

masterabbott1958d ago

Happy Birthday! and yes i have to agree this a great webseries! hope we see more of this original stuff.

militissanctus1958d ago

Holy CRAP. This is SO WELL put together! Gaaah! I really identify with this episode, too.

My name is MilitisSanctus, and I'm a gamer.

masterabbott1958d ago

Hello MilipedeSpartan my name is MasterAbbott and im also a game .. what games do u like to play?

Subby1958d ago

It's hard to define a "gamer" these days, just too many variables and ways to play them now. Great stuff!

koga881958d ago

Hm, using Fox News in the video for saying how violence is always blamed on violent video games is real low hanging fruit. Fox News is pretty much the trash of televised news and will do anything to keep their talking heads spouting BS and keeping people in the dark about important factors.

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The story is too old to be commented.