Is the Xbox One really a ‘business expense’?

Nerd Reactor: "That’s what Microsoft would like every business owner in America to believe. Marques Lyons said the Xbox One is “an affordable option” for startups on Microsoft’s small business blog. Through the ups and downs of the 'XBone' as legitimate gaming console, Microsoft hasn’t let up on the message that the One does much more than simply play games.

It sounds like a clever ploy to convince the boss to buy you a gaming console, but Microsoft does make some convincing arguments why the One is a legitimate business tool in the office (when you’re not playing 'Halo' after 5)."

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MultiConsoleGamer1754d ago

Somehow I don't think the IRS will agree.

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B-radical1754d ago

depends how its being used......i cant shake the thought that people will use it for more then just skype.

jackanderson19851754d ago

it's possible. they allow laptops to be wrote off as business expenses yet you could install steam and play away on them after business hours or even during if your boss was nice enough

HammadTheBeast1754d ago


Laptops primarily aren't classified as "gaming platforms".

Telling investors you need funds for Xbox's at work isn't the best idea.

MikeyDucati11754d ago

The original Xbox was a powerful system. And that was not widely talked about. I expect the Xbox One to follow in the same footsteps.

But my supervisor isn't buying the business expense line. He's shaking his head no at me now.

HammadTheBeast1754d ago

Lol I found the last line funny.

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Insomnia_841754d ago

An Xbox One in the office? lol that's not happening.

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