Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Videos Preview Character Customization

A new video of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has emerged, the customization starts around the 5:30 minute mark. Players be able to modify and alter Lightning's weapon loadout, changing between various shields and swords to help combat different kinds of enemies. It's also worth noting that despite the big thing over the developers adding to the engine some enticing boob jiggling physics, you can't even see that on display or make note of it.

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Need4Game1873d ago

"It's also worth noting that despite the big thing over the developers adding to the engine some enticing boob jiggling physics, you can't even see that on display or make note of it."

That's what people been telling!!!

ChozenWoan1873d ago

I didn't think it was possible but SE actually made a character that is more hated than Vaan. Yea she's supposed to be the strong silent woman type, but that doesn't mean she can't also be sexy. Yet SE finds a way to F that up when they try to make Lightning more sexually appealing.

Want a good model of a strong, silent, sexy lead character in a game then look no further than Niko of Heavenly Sword... or Lara Croft.

8mins into vid she encounters a "boss" who attacks her 3-4 times during the whole fight and it moves slower than molasses in an Alaskan winter. This is why FF is dead to me till FF15.

TricksterArrow1872d ago

What the hell is wrong with seriousness over sexiness?

ChozenWoan1872d ago

To be honest i wanted to like Lightning, but she is so one dimensional... at least with the 10 hours I spent playing FF13.

Most people who are the strong silent type have a good story about how they became that way, but with Lighting it just feels like SE is trying too hard to make her "hardcore".

leahcim1873d ago

Am I the only one that cannot find in Lightning a character in wich you can exploit sexism?

in Vanilla this might be Ok, in Sera too, but Lightning she is the serious kick ass hero of the game!

all of these pics and customizations on Lightning feels weird to me.

My opinion

Xandet1873d ago

Square Enix knows they'll sell more copies if they oversexualize the only strong female character they've had in years. They're playing their audience and, sadly, they'll probably benefit because of it.

Aleithian1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

This really is a lovely looking game. I'm 110% buying this. In fact, I like the direction of this so much that I'm going to finish FFXIII and buy FFXIII-2.

Well done Square.

leahcim1873d ago

I confess myself that this third entry is almost forcing me to buy XIII-2.

any recommendation guys?

XIII-2 is worth the price?

Aleithian1873d ago

You can pick it up on Amazon real cheap.

Elda1872d ago

@leahcim..personally FF-XIII is one of my favorites of the series,on the other hand FF-XIII-2 just wasn't my cup of tea due to not playing Lightning through the entire game,no Summons & no human people to help you fight in your party permanently,but you can get it at amazon or even gamestop used for anywhere between 10 to 15 usd.

izumo_lee1873d ago

Lightning is the epitome of what Squarenix is right now, no idea in the direction they are going.

When Squarenix first introduced Lightning she was described as the 'female' version of Cloud. A loner, a serious, all business kind of person. She showed very little emotion.

Even in the sequel as a goddess she was a serious business first character. Now all of a sudden in this game she has become a 'sex' symbol prancing around with jiggle physics? That is so out of character for Lightning, whom Squarenix themselves was trying to turn her into the next 'Cloud'.

This drastic change in character basically shows that Squarenix has no idea what to do with their characters & their games...well Toriyama at least. We'll see what Nomura does with FF 15 but once again Toriyama has shown that he is an incapable director & storyteller when creating games of this calibre.

kalkano1872d ago

I think that describes the current SquareEnix to a tee. They never intended for Lightning to be like Cloud. They were just name-dropping something popular, for attention.

"Hey older fans: ...Cloud! Magitek Armor! Uh..let's see...Final Fantasy 7! Uh..."

I'm not even sure they're trying to make good games, anymore. I think they're just playing on people's nostalgia, and loyalty to the series. Personally, mine has worn out.