Cloudberry Kingdom review: Procedural ambition falls short | Digital Spy

Digital Spy: "Cloudberry Kingdom falters with an impressive but flawed level generator."

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Nevers0ft1840d ago

I couldn't disagree more. Being a little bored last night I took a punt on Cloudberry Kingdom and had a total blast playing 2 player co-op with a friend. The game is a no-nonsense (well, there's plenty of nonsense but that's deliberate) twitch platformer and it does that very well.

It's something akin to the Trackmania of platformers, with instant retries and high difficulty just suck you in even more... Much in the way that say Runner2 does.

I'm not saying the reviewer is wrong as it's just their opinion (as this is mine) but they didn't seem to actually "get" the concept of the game.