LGBT Content In Video Games: For Art, Yes, For Politics, No

If you want to put LGBT content in video games, go for it. But only if it's for the sake of art, and not for the sake of an obvious political agenda.

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-Gespenst-1659d ago

Art is inescapably political.

Also, why shouldn't we be raising awareness of and promoting the socio-cultural integration of those in the lgbt community?

LOGICWINS1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Sexual orientation doesn't play a factor in most games, which is why we rarely see the topic touched on. For example, would Nathan Drake being gay add anything meaningful to the experience? What if he was black or Latino? What if he had blonde hair? Things like race, sexual orientation, and hair color wouldnt add anything worthwhile to the story or character.

If a characters sexual orientation was hinted at in the story, then I would assume it would be important in regards to the plot somehow. For example, in Yakuza, it makes sense for 99% of the characters to be Japanese since the game takes place in Japan.

ChickeyCantor1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

"For example, would Nathan Drake being gay add anything meaningful to the experience? "

That's irrelevant. It's not about adding anything to the experience. It's about portraying reality within our imaginative world. Games and their story telling are told from human references. And LGBT is part of our world and it has no reason not to transcend into video games.
If Nathan was indeed gay, there simply would be a different story to tell with the same twist and plot. ( he ain't banging them chicks, that's for sure)

Mass Effect 3 for example allowed for homosexual relationships between men. Even though Mass Effect 1 and 2 allowed for homosexual relationships between women ( Liara + femshep ). It's rather strange it took them so long for the options in ME3. I feel like it's protested against out of ignorance. Because two men making out is icky. But it's reality just like lesbians, which seems to be more accepted for some weird illogical reason.

If a game includes a homosexual character, I see no reason for people to freak out.

-Gespenst-1659d ago

Actually, sexual orientation DOES play a big role in most games. It's actually the reason so many heterosexual characters are protagonists, as are their supporting cast.

Why NOT make them gay, lesbian or transgender? You have to ask that question. Why do heterosexual characters seem to occupy this space of total representation? Why do heterosexual characters seem to be the spokespeople for sexuality in general in games?

Homosexuality and transexuality aren't the same as heterosexuality. They are different (but not somehow abnormal, well, they aren't necessarily normative, but that's thankfully changing), so they should be represented, not spoken for by a more dominant demographic. That's not the same as equality or impartial representation, it's social, cultural hegemony and it's a form of tacit suppression. These people should be given just as loud a voice as what is dominant.

As long as these demographics are insufficiently represented and aren't equal with what are currently arbitrarily dominant demographics, their representation in all forms of media should be strongly politicised. You shouldn't make life harder for them when they're not doing anything even remotely wrong. It's irrepresentative of reality to exclude so blatantly these people from our art.

We have to foster a culture and a society in which these people are considered just as normal as a heterosexual person, and cultural artefacts such as films, television, books, and now even games, contribute to this, as well as many other channels.

LOGICWINS1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

"Why NOT make them gay, lesbian or transgender?"

The same reason why we have so few Black/Latino protagonists...very few people care.

Studies suggest that most American gamers are of Hispanic descent, which is believable since they are the largest minority group. Yet despite this, games that star dark haired white guys (COD, Bioshock: Infinite, TLOU) are doing very well saleswise.

A Latino/Latina won't deprive themselves of a good game because their race isn't being represented properly. Same with gays/lesbians.

I think Ballad of Gay Tony handled Gay Tony extremely well. I never ONCE thought about Tony as a homosexual, but simply Tony as a cool character in the game.

TomShoe1659d ago

I hope for the day when the LGBT community becomes equal and stories like this become non-news.