Nintendo C$%@ Blocks Americans Trying to Kart Early

Datel's Wii Freeloader, which let owners of Nintendo's milky white console play games from other regions, is apparently incompatible with Mario Kart Wii much to the chagrin of importers looking to get an early start on the waggle-infused driving experience. Awesome online import store(and advertiser to us)Play-Asia, sent out an e-mail to everyone who pre-ordered MKWii on their site. Here's a snippet of the message:

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InYourMom3904d ago

is this serious or sarcastic? I swear this website confuses me on when they are being serious or when they are being sarcastic. It seems like whenever they are bashing something and get called out for it they are suddenly sarcastic. Moving along..

decapitator3904d ago

I dont think is a joke but I wouldnt be surprised if Nintendo did this at all.

TriggerHappy3904d ago

Typical Nintendo..still up to their old tricks I see.

fox023904d ago

nintendo blows; they're the only ones with a region locked console this gen.

Iceman100x3903d ago

people have bben had this game

M_Prime3903d ago

i think its for real.. i heard of this b4..

also they have region exclusives cause of the online really. They have centralized servers and they want only people from the same continents to play with each other.. i think thats the main reason. i mean i would not wanna play with someone in EU or JP if there would be lag. I mean MARIOKART DS only had JP players for the first few months.. but brawl is a game that is not happy with laggy players.. and i'm sure 12 player MARIOKART will be the same..

so they lock teh regions.. everyone gets it in the end.. I mean We got PAPER MARIO first, EU got STRIKERS first. WE got BRAWL first, they get MARIO KART first. (however JP seems to get EVERYTHING first, which i don't like, feels like we're second best)

i dunno why they did it but it doesn't bother me.. as long as its here within a reasonable time frame