Survey: EA Named ‘Worst Company to Happen to Mankind’

- Less popular than Walmart and Ku Klux Klan, survey reveals

Consumers have yet again voiced their distaste for video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) after the company was voted ‘worst company to happen to mankind’ in a recent poll on Consumerist.


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DxTrixterz1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Oh and this next gen I don't think this is gonna change as they will now charge $80 for new X1 and PS4 game. No wonder they're the worst company in the world and 1 more thing. We all know that EA will not continue with their online passes right? Why was that? Because they knew and loved that X1 would have DRM and everyone would be forced to buy their games new but I do not think they expected 180 from Microsoft so they decided to raise game prices. Simple as that. EA is no doubt the worst and most greedy company in the world.

Tommykrem1813d ago

They actually said passes weren't coming back after they heard about the next-gen used games policies on PS4. Even though every other company is probably gonna keep on using them, including Sony.

"EA is no doubt the worst and most greedy company in the world."

Wow, I hope you are joking. Coca Cola hires bottling partners that ruin clean drinking water sources in the developing world, because it's the cheapest way to get water for their factories. Thereby killing people.

Abercrombie & Fitch cuts their costs by exposing workers to inhumane working conditions, when they could easily maintain their business while being somewhat fair to the people who sew their clothes.

That's just two examples out of hundreds of companies that do or condone doing things EA would never touch with a 10 meter stick.

I think that was kind of the point with the article too.

As for games retailing at 80$, that's a rumour for now. But you'd probably buy them for 80$, so why not? If people don't want games for 80$, EA can't sell them for 80$.

Need4Game1813d ago

EA still making Profit?

TomShoe1813d ago

They only did that because negative customer feedback forced them to renege on that policy. Similar to MS and DRM.

Tommykrem1813d ago

If you're refering to backing up on online passes, well then that's still plus points for EA, because other companies haven't changed their mind on online passes. Maybe because other companies don't take as much crap from consumers. Ubisoft and Activision have done insane, borderline illegal things to their staff, but no one seems to care. After all, Tim Schafer and Respawn Entertainment are a few of the developers that have fled to EA after being mistreated by Activision. Activision tried to sue them after they left.

Ubisoft threw out the creator behind Assassin's Creed. Then they turned AC into an anual franchise. Meanwhile, EA gives games like Brutal Legend and Mirror's Edge a chance when other companies won't.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1813d ago

I think capcom are worse than EA.. they bring money hungry to a whole new level.

wishingW3L1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

satire -__-

Donnieboi1813d ago

But it's funny. Just enjoy. Everyone knows it's a joke if they actually read just the description. It made me laugh lol

zeal0us1813d ago

Jeez man get the stick out of your butt. So what if it is satire, I rather read this than another one of those "4 reasons to buy a X1/PS4 or 10 reasons why the PS4/X1 sucks" articles.

Apocalypse Shadow1812d ago

i know that it's not real,but if i would have been drinking something,i would have spit it out or choked.that title is crazy funny.....

dcj05241812d ago

Lol. At&t beat Nazi Germany.