"There is an end" to the Assassin's Creed series, Ubisoft says

EuroGamer - Assassin's Creed developer Ubisoft has said it has ideas in place for the series' eventual ending - whenever that might be.

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-Mezzo-1808d ago

They better not end it before an AC game completely set in Modern Times & Maybe Future.

Snookies121808d ago

I'd love to see an AC game set in the future for once. That would be freaking awesome.

crxss1808d ago

Plot twist: it's watch dogs.

Haha that'd be so ridiculous

spicelicka1808d ago


lol that would be awesome!

NukaCola1808d ago

Honestly the Desmond stuff has hindered the progression of the series. That's one reason I really liked AC Liberation. It was 99% about the history and next to nothing about the scifi minus revealing the deeper truths to Aveline's tale.

kneon1808d ago


I agree, I've found the present day segments mostly boring.

Just yesterday I went back to Revelations as I remembered I hadn't finished everything. It only took 5 minutes to remember why. Those stupid block stacking segments are dull and not very challenging. They should have just made cut scenes if they wanted me to listen to their narrative, I'm not going to slog through crappy mini games.

Kidmyst1807d ago

totally agree, If I wasn't going for the Plat I would have skipped the block sequences all together. Didn't miss them on Liberation. I did like the Desmond scenes retrieving the items in modern day and battling the security guards and climbing towers and such.

badz1491807d ago

this is like they saying+

"ok, we admit that we are milking the franchise but don't worry, once the sales faltered, we'll end it"

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Mr_Pinky1808d ago

Well we could of had that if they wern't so greedy and decided to milk this for every last drop

I still believe that Watch Dogs in it's early days was the concept for AC3 before they decided to stretch the series out longer. Replace Aidan with Desmond, give him a modern Assassin look and there you go...the true AC3.

I mean they've totally ditched the present story in the AC games and yet they are still using Desmonds ancestors. Seriously AC4 should of been a spin off like Brotherhood.

-Mezzo-1808d ago

Agreed, as someone who has played & beaten all the AC games, i can tell you that after the first AC game with Altair, they went in a completely new direction.

It does not even feel like an Assassins Creed game anymore, they went in a new direction stretch it into something completely different in order to get the cash rolling.

xGrunty1808d ago

I've been saying this for so long now. Its crazy to think otherwise.

Mr_Pinky1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )



I don't see how a game about stealth and hunting people down from the shadows can get a main game where most of the game is about naval combat

It's like they didn't want to waste the Anvil engine they created for naval battles and turned it into AC4. I mean a pirate game...come on it should of been a new IP, add some RPG elements and it could of been like the Pirates of the Caribbean game that was cancelled by Disney. They would have a brand new exciting IP on their hands, it's not like Pirate games are over done these days. I mean AC4: Black a main title game a sub title, I really feel like they are desperate now.

CrossingEden1808d ago

Watch dogs has been in development for years by a completely different team but yes keep living in your delusions..

1808d ago
Mr_Pinky1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )


Jeez don't be such a dick about it

"Watch dogs has been in development for years"


WatchDogs began development in 2009 and AC2 came out in 2009. So it's not like WatchDogs began years before AC.

Before AC2 came out they mentioned how it would be a trilogy. A year later Brotherhood happened, it's not so "deluded" to think that after the sales of AC2 they decided to milk it and turn AC3s concept "WatchDogs", which was in early development and started the same year, into Watch Dogs. Ubisoft have a habbit of starting projects before the next game comes out.

PSVita1808d ago

I can't wait for the 30 disk AC box set in a few years lol

solidjun51808d ago

@CrossingEden keep living as an immature brat.

Irishguy951807d ago

Coulda swore it was confirmed that's exactly what Watch Dogs was.

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caseh1808d ago

No doubt it has an end, just like MGS4 was the end game...

Then they'll start inserting prequels much to everyones delight yet these people will bleat about how the industry lacks innovation and its sequel after sequel. Yet prequels are perfectly acceptable practice, go figure.

Murad1808d ago

But the difference is that MGS4 truly did end, it wasn't a hoax in a manner of speaking. Solid Snake has finally gotten a chance to rest in piece. Also, many of the fans of MGS, just like myself, truly want to know about what happened during Big Boss's time. What it would have been in HD and all that and the emotions he got and so on. I mean, sure, we know the general story, but the details are what makes a true impact.

caseh1808d ago


I get what you're saying but we had Peace Walker which effectively done that, then we get MGS5.Ii mean to say, will that be it or are we gonna get even more.

I'm faily certain most of Boss' backstory was filed in the MGS Database outside of the games.

MGS should just be put to bed, its story spanned across 3 decades and I for one was happy with Snake's final salute.

Would be nice to see Kojima put his talents into something else, this is the guy who gave us Snatcher and Policenauts yet he was getting hate mail and stuff for not continuing MGS, meh wtf.

beebap1808d ago

I Would like to c a game or part of game about the boss. Possibly her training snake.As someone would only got into metal gear solid series at three I glad to c how big boss becomes bad guy but would love to c the boss get more attention as she possibly the best soldier training big boss and is his mentor.Also brillant to have strong female character has main.

3-4-51808d ago

I used to really like this series.

They need to end it ASAP, and then show us they can actually make more than 1 game.

They've essentially been making the same game since AC2 outside of the cool multiplayer they added.

Scatpants1807d ago

They seem to add more stuff than your usual sequel. AC3 had the Homestead, Trading, and naval Battles. AC4 seems to be doing an open world with deeper naval battles. I didn't really like 3 all that much, but at least they are offering something new with each one. They could have just given a new setting and been done with it.

elhebbo161808d ago

WW2 would be the farthest AC should go. no more than that.

darkesthour41808d ago

I was just thinking the same thing.

HammadTheBeast1808d ago


Watch Dogs is what I'd assume the wanted.

Your next closest bet would be Infamous Second Son, with powers instead of the whole assassination business.

yeahokchief1808d ago



memots1808d ago

It is a good day to die!

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showtimefolks1808d ago

i see watch dogs as the modern day AC game

Om3ga3701807d ago

Assassin's Creed: Modern Warfare
Coming to a store near you holiday 2015

3-4-51807d ago

Ancient Times.

300 BC, Do it !

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Snookies121808d ago

Yes, the end is when it stops making them money.

-Mezzo-1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Yeah, that's exactly what everyone kept on saying about COD, now look at Activision pointing fingers at the Next-Gen Console transition.

Everything Comes To An End, It's A Fact Of Life.

richierich1808d ago

@Mezzo I don't think everything comes to an end have you ever heard of Pokémon games

chobit_A5HL3Y1808d ago

pokemon games haven't been around forever. they've just been around for a long time. there's a difference.

admiralvic1808d ago

@ richierich

Replace Pokemon with Final Fantasy and you'll have a point. =P

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schlanz1808d ago

They will have an ending to the story, sure, but that definitely doesn't mean the end of Assassin's Creed.

Kydawg1808d ago

I've always thought there should be an AC set in modern times but it might be hard to do. Instead of a horse you drive a car? I dunno how they would pull it off but it would be awesome if they did.

360ICE1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )


"we’ve always envisioned an ending to the story of Desmond Miles in which Desmond makes gradually less revenue so that he eventually can’t turn a profit."

GamingManiac1808d ago

I just want to see a feudal Japan setting before they end it!

AlphaCentyros1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Yes that would be very nice! Or one in Ancient Egypt, surely they can figure something out with ancient gods, and artifacts hidden in tombs.

These artworks have got me really stoked about a setting in China as well:

Let's just hope that Ubisoft isn't stubborn/ignorant and that they won't finish the series without one of those amazing settings, because from now on I'm just gonna skip every European/Pirate Assassin's Creed.