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Digitally Downloaded writes: "So Pikmin 3 isn't the massive game that we might have hoped for. It's a load of fun, and the charm is irresistible, but looking past that is a game that is part of a franchise that isn't quite in Nintendo's top-tier. That's not to take anything away from the game, because it is a lot of fun and comes recommended wholeheartedly, it's just not the killer app that some might have hoped it would be."

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1875d ago Replies(2)
MusashiBlack1874d ago

Co-op modes only have 5 levels each...

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josephayal1874d ago

Pikmin 3 is absolutely everything I've been waiting for and expecting, im Pikmied

Qrphe1874d ago

It's definitely outdone the previous two entries. I'm 10 hours in; it's so awesome.