The Wii U Needs a Makeover

Despite being out for almost a year, the Wii U is still being confused as a Wii accessory. If Nintendo wants to end the confusions and lift Wii U sales up, then they need to give their console a much-needed makeover.

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LOL_WUT1663d ago

Either give it a makeover or drop the price. Why is it so difficult for Nintendo to get it together? ;)

kirbyu1663d ago

Ok, apparently whoever is holding that contest is to lazy to find out what is they're giving away.

gamerben1662d ago

well maybe if they didn't give it a name as stupid as the "wii u" this wouldn't be a problem.

Ripsta7th1662d ago

Ok wii u does sound dumb, Wii Ultra i think wuld b a little better

1662d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.