Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ wilderness gameplay discussed

Yui Umeda has provided some details regarding the wilderness gameplay element in “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. As reported by Gaming Bolt on Aug. 2, the lead planner at Square Enix disclosed that the wilderness is meant to be done in an open-world setting.

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Heavenly King1813d ago

That pic is sexy :) (even though Lighting is not sexy in the games)

Lord_Sloth1813d ago

I dunno. I found her design in XIII to be very appealing. It's her XIII-3 incarnation that I don't find nearly as appealing.

chikane1813d ago

question where can i find that Picture ?

Kydawg1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

@ Chikane

Google image search "lightning returns" and scroll down a little bit. :)

OhMyGandhi1813d ago

you also have the ability to do a reverse image search, by inputting that picture into google, and having it find it that way, or using TinEye for the same purpose.

1813d ago
VileAndVicious1813d ago

That pic looks like a dark knight costume.Looks cool.

kB01813d ago

Why is she sooooo sexualized now? LOL I dont really mind, it's just such a change:P

That pic is pretty awesome though:)

AznGaara1813d ago

You can still be a badass while showing some skin though. Its not like its one or the other. Btw that pic isn't part of the game.

kB01812d ago

Not talking mainly about the pic, and I'm not arguing bad ass or not. It really has little effect on me, I'm just confused hahah. They did a pretty radical change on her:P

Either way I'm still excited for this, but tbh I'm dieing for FF 15....I'm a huge fan of FF Crisis Core so FF 15 (urban legend so far) is on my radar a lot.

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