Battlefield 4 in Ultra Mode

The video above is apparently running in Ultra Mode, and showcases the highest graphics mode you can set the game to run at. So far, the Ultra Mode footage looks about the same in Battlefield 4 as it did in Battlefield 3.

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slimeybrainboy1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Is it just me or is youtube just completely not capable of showing this game in ultra, even on original. I downloaded the BF4 17 minute singleplayer gameplay, 4gb 1080p direct capture. It looks 1000x better than any gameplay video on youtube. youtube sucks for anything over 720p, it's just not good enough.

wishingW3L1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Youtube requires transcoding and that messes up the original source. It does that to make every video be 30 frames and to compress it for faster buffer, that's why even at 1080p you can still see macroblocking.

This is why I always thought that putting video comparisons of games on Youtube it's pointless.

theWB271841d ago

Thanks...I've never known why they don't put out links to direct feed so we really get a good look.

I'll look into creatoscast too.

ShinMaster1841d ago

At first I thought it looked like Team Fortress 2.

theWB271841d ago

Where'd you get that video from? I'd like to download it...

slimeybrainboy1841d ago

There ya go. 60 fps as well.

You'll notice the difference is so big. It's so annoying that all these developers make these great games, and spend alot of time crafting a trailer to have all the quality sucked out of it by YouTube. Why don't they offer better quality downloads on all trailers? What could be the harm.

M-M1841d ago

People need to start learning about Creatorscast. It only goes up to 1080p I believe but it supports 60fps and looks miles better than Youtube's quality.

seanpitt231841d ago

Yes I just shot a rpg in your face but you are still in tact even more so you are still a live and has just knifed me and killed me. The realism in this game is phenomenal.

ExitToExisT1841d ago

Youtube sucks for every fast paced gameplay video.

3-4-51841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Yea they need to be putting 1080p videos of direct feed on the net via their own website.

I'm probably in the 1% but we lost HD cables for Xbox 360 back in 2008 and never bought new ones ( lazy I know), so I've been gaming this whole gen NOT in HD.

Meaning I've been playing BF3 Not in HD, Fifa...NOT in HD, COD NOT in HD.

Next gen is going to be amazing for me considering the huge upgrade I'm looking at vs most everyone else.

I've never been a graphics snob.

Still love N64/SNES/GBA graphics and also old pc game iso style graphics.

HD is awesome, but I don't NEED it to have fun in a game.

elhebbo161841d ago

well thank god both next gen consoles will bring an HDMI cable.

SpecialK1840d ago

I feel like I need to tell you that if you live in the UK, they sell HDMI cables in Poundland =p

Got one for a student house, looks the same as any other HDMI cable.

No excuse not to get one now! =P

Cryptcuzz1840d ago

Just get an HDMI cable man, they sell them on overstock for like $3 each.

It is good to have fun playing a game, but so much better when it looks infinitely better running on a cable that can be found for as little as $3.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1841d ago

I will be playing it on ultra you console guys can enjoy low/medium happy gaming.

Syntax-Error1840d ago

Lighting effects look good in in beta form. Since there's no HUD, I know there's a lot of friendly fire

cyguration1840d ago

LOL... the console fanboys disagreed with you in droves because they don't have an argument.

Sorry guys but it's the truth... unless you get the next-gen versions, which will probably be med-high.

1841d ago
CuddlyREDRUM1841d ago

You can choose the file type/quality.

KontryBoy7061840d ago

yeah it's pointless to show graphical quality on YouTube. I mean it doesn't even do over 30fps. Direct feed is the only way to go.

Plagasx1840d ago

Well firstly that's single player..which is always better looking..

Mithan1840d ago

If you look close, you can see the quality. It shows, you just need to train your eye to see what's been degraded due to the video source.

TopDudeMan1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Yeah, you just need to look at the ground to prove that. So grainy.

edit: mind you, the grass looks good.

assdan1840d ago

I can tell a game looks good on youtube, but yeah, it's really hard to tell how good. I think the only way to tell if it actually looks better than bf3 is a side by side comparison on youtube, and that might not even work.

0neShot1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

This setting really shows how the BF4 is lacking textures and still the same with old BF maps, not detailed enough.

csreynolds1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

This is Alpha test footage not indicative of the final product. That's why there are limited textures.

Perhaps you missed this... (which is from the E3 Beta build)

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thehitman1841d ago

Game looks better here than that last article showcasing like 10 secs of "exclusive" gameplay. Game looks like it will have excellent graphics but doesnt look up and beyond bf3 on Ultra. I am sure though the scale of the maps are probably much better and more dynamic things like huge building collapsing is what will be the main difference from 3 to bf4.

Aleithian1841d ago

The scale will definitely be more impressive. But I'm willing to bet we won't see the difference between it and BF3 until we can *feel* it. Playing the game and being immersed in the world is the only surefire way to judge the game's visual quality.

EastBayPunk1841d ago

That's the Alpha version and it looks like they haven't even added most of the textures to the map

3-4-51841d ago

This gen/next gen, is all about the small things getting better. All the amazing graphics will be in the small details we may not have noticed before and may not notice right away initially.

Over time ( 2-4 years) we will look back on what we have now and be able to notice the difference pretty clearly.

Pixel_Enemy1840d ago

Is it just me or does this look just like BF3? I am a huge battlefield fan and support it 100% over COD but it doesn't look to me like a graphical leap like Killzone is taking. Maybe I will just wait till it releases to hold judgement. Either way, my pre order is paid in full and waiting till the day I can pick it up.

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MidnytRain1841d ago

If anyone wants to share some true hi res/fps vids you're more than welcome, lol. 60fps is a BIG difference. The animations in this game are nearly flawless - at least in the single-player.

Mikeyy1841d ago

When does the PS3 beta for BF 4 start? it has to be soon..

sovietsoldier1841d ago

video is pointless because the full game will look way different then the alpha/beta versions.

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