“Big Changes” for Xbox Live Rewards come September

SimplyXbox writes, "As we’ve previously reported for the month of July, there was a notable absence of a 20MS survey for member of the Xbox Live Rewards program. Their statement when contacted regarding about the unusual change:

“There is no survey this month. We’re hard at work on all sorts of cool stuff for our members. Stay tuned for more news soon!”

Well now that we’re another month over, there is still no sign of a survey but we do have some more news! When a user logs on to the official site, they are greeted with the following:

“Right now, Xbox Live Rewards is evolving to better reward you for doing the things you love on Xbox Live. While this means we are unable to accept new registrations at this time, enter your Gamertag on the right if you would like to be notified when the new and improved Xbox Live Rewards is up and running.”"

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stage881813d ago

Just reminds me of this really

1813d ago
jjb19811813d ago

I traded my 360 in, maybe Microsoft will do something to bring me back... Lets hope

JBSleek1813d ago

You aren't coming serious

jjb19811812d ago

I know I'm just trying to give hope to those that put 500 down on a cable box with Skype that happens to play games.

JBSleek1812d ago

You know you just described a PC?

Redgehammer1813d ago

I have earned 2990 MSP(37$+), plus numerous avatar props, as a reward member, thus far. I am interested to experience the new system.

elhebbo161813d ago

how long did it took you to earn those $37 dollars? if you dont mind answering.

jjb19811812d ago

It took me a year to earn 80 points on accident

Redgehammer1811d ago

Two years and 7 months. However, had the program, in its inception, been like it is now, I am sure my total would be closer to 3500, estimated , of course.

flappersack1813d ago

Hope they don't take away the $0.25 cents I get on my birthday or I'll riot in the streets...

MikeyDucati11813d ago

Xbox is gathering their army. People don't see it, but they are silently building something to go for the long haul. They missed the short game but the long game is still in question.

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