Rocksmith 2014 will be a 'fully responsive personal teacher'

Rocksmith 2014's lesson mode will explain the causes for a player's mistakes and offer advice on how to fix them, an update to Ubisoft's blog announced this week.

While the original Rocksmith told players when they were making mistakes, Rocksmith 2014 will explain exactly what's going wrong.

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SatanSki1837d ago

For me the bigest improvements would be when i could play custom defined section for however long i want and scroll through the song notation with all errors highlighted. Cant wait for 2014 version

Thehyph1837d ago

That would be very sick.
I'm going to have to buy this one instead of just skeezing off of other people. Unfortunately that means I gotta upgrade my sound system, too.
Some other things I would like to see are ear practice, transposing song key, musical notation in addition to tab, and the tones more responsive to the guitar. What I mean is I don't want my telecaster to have a compressed humbucker sound as it did in the first game. Obviously the game just converts it to midi or something to track and then just models it, but it would still be nice if they could somehow put this in.
Some of this stuff might be there already, I'm going to have to go do some research now.

Donnieboi1837d ago

Good idea. Ubisoft's forums does take suggestions in the Rocksmith section.