Pikmin 3 Review [Gaming Union] "It feels like it’s been an age since Pikmin was first introduced back on the Gamecube. At the time it was a completely new IP that introduced many new gameplay mechanics to the scene - something which Nintendo has gained quite a reputation for. Now, many years later and after a tease as part of Nintendo Land, owners of the Nintendo Wii U are able to get their mitts on Pikmin 3 and boy has it been worth the wait."

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gusgusjr1806d ago

Thinking about this title, I don't have one game for my wii u. It's just I can't decide dragon's crown Tuesday or this or both.

_QQ_1806d ago

Pick this up, i picked it up today and can say it is amazing.

Grimhammer001806d ago

Dragons crown.
Sell wiiu.


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Grimhammer001806d ago

I means in why own a wiiu. Lol

_QQ_1806d ago

9/10 a well deserved score for this great game which i have played so am allowed to have an opinion of.

Grimhammer001806d ago

Seriously though....I was all excited to see what this major release for wiiu was going to bring.

And wow! I'm completely underwhelmed. Granted it has zero appeal to me. So there's that.

But it really does look like a confused game. Much like the wiiu. It appeals to children - but has depth, far more than the average casual has patience for.

WiiU seems rife for games not sure of thier intended direction.

Oh well. Fans will enjoy it.

SonyPS41806d ago

Typical N4G user here folks.

_QQ_1806d ago

confused game? i guess somone who has never played it would know.

SonyPS41806d ago

Trolls in this comments section, lots of them.

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