Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for the Wii U late 2013 only in Japan

SEGA is bringing the classic Yakuza games to the Wii U later this year. Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition, as it’s known, features the classic Yakuza games first released on the PS2 many years ago.

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nick3091875d ago

Probably won't get localized anytime soon.

aceitman1875d ago

they need to sell around the world not going to get much from japan.

nick3091875d ago

They need to allow someone like xseed to publish yakuza 5&1&2& kenzan maybe . Theyr'e way too scared to publish the series any further.

caseh1875d ago


Nah man, that isn't the case.

The Yakuza games sell more in Japan than they do in all other regions...combined.

In the case of Yakuza 2, 80% of sales were in Japan alone and Yakuza 5 has sold the least of all the Yakuza games in japan which probably add up to them not localising it.

dark-kyon1875d ago

the problem is what the games what make sega are niche games in the west,sega need to emulate how work nis,atlus.they need to learn how make grow a fanbase de gamers in the time not expect what games like yakuza,valkyria chronicles gonna be maintream sellers.

aceitman1875d ago

@ casey the wii u sales are not good though in Japan.

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nyobzoo1875d ago

well considering they haven't release it in the West on the PS3 with an install base of 70mil+, there's no way they would release it to the WiiU with 3.6mil install base

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wishingW3L1875d ago

This is why I hope Sega does not buy anything from Atlus. Any IP they get is one IP we'll never see again in the West.

showtimefolks1875d ago

nintendo/sega have some sort of deal and that means we won't get yakuza 1-2 HD collection or yakuza 5 for west anytime soon

and that's a huge huge disappointment for me since i have bought every yakuza game that came out on ps3 brand new to support sega

here is hoping we hear something at gamescom or TGS

sony has to announce some games for ps3 in 2014 and here is hoping yakuza 5 and 1-2 hd collection gets announced for west

wishingW3L1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

you think they are gonna port Y3 and Y4 too, and then localize Y5 on both, Wii U and PS3 in like 2-3 years?

showtimefolks1875d ago

what kind of sales can they expect than lets be honest by 2-3 years most people will be on next gen consoles and not many will own ps3/xbox360

if they actually want some sales than the sooner they can do it the better

or here is an idea

yakuza complete series for ps4? every game in yakuza universe on ps4/wiiu

Xof1875d ago

If the WiiU does fail overseas, it will be because too many games are left in Japan.

It's especially bad in this case, considering both Yakuza games have already been localized, meaning the costs of localizing this collection are very, very low comparatively.

Interface231875d ago

Maybe this is the 3rd game in the USA Sega/Ninty deal?

nyobzoo1875d ago

afraid not, they have a 3 sonic games deal. Sonic & Mario Olympics WiiU, Sonic Lost World, and one more game with sonic in the title

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The story is too old to be commented.