Battlefield 4: More Exclusive Footage Surfaces

More videos within the article.

EA have stated that they don’t want their fan-base that they have worked so hard to get, to get cold feet about the game, so they started releasing exclusive content to certain battlefield users

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afkireland1873d ago

I'am part of a program with EA to where i get exclusive content and info so yea.

BattleAxe1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I think you're most likely just really good at surfing Youtube. Prove your credentials.

HammadTheBeast1873d ago

Well, thanks to you its not exclusive anymore!


afkireland1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Proof that its exclusive to myself, not trying to be snotty, but i do get content like this off of ea.

BehindGames1873d ago

Two exclusive videos each one uploaded by different user and one of them copyrighted to
but how????

Psn8001872d ago

If you work for EA I'am King Kong !

Blackdeath_6631872d ago

he is right dice has been giving snippets of footage to different youtubers periodically. i have a lot of respect for dice in how open they have been with BF4 before the game has been released its a shame we have to put with EA's business practices to play the game though.

Tr10wn1872d ago

@Psn800 being a part of a "program" is not the same has working for EA, he never said he works for EA, still if he works for EA i wont be surprise, EA is a big company after all...

abzdine1872d ago

it looks so lame, reminds me of GTA4 graphics..
BF is one of the most overrated series ever, if not the most.

waljaber1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Guys relax, lets just believe the guy for now, i'm sure he have a good reason to say so.
they game looks like a pc version even on console.

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1872d ago
rbluetank1873d ago

it look like the view from someones eyeball while they were blinking. lol I am buying this game.

elhebbo161873d ago

I think they are trying to implement blinking which is pretty cool, they just need to fix the amount of it so it doesn't get in the way of the action.

Reverent1872d ago

I really, really doubt that. It would not be good for the game's competitive light.

R00bot1872d ago

Why would they need to implement blinking when the player blinks anyway?

Seems like it'd just be double the blinking in the end.

It might make sense if your character blinks/flinches when an explosion goes off nearby, though.

TI_211872d ago

They don't, it's just a bug which hasn't been fixed in that demo.

wannabe gamer1872d ago

lol implement blinking. thats about the most useless and annoying thing ever. why dont they just make it so you have to stop and use an inhaler every time you use all your sprinting stamina

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Maddens Raiders1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I know this thing is in pre-alpha, alpha or whatever these days but imho I just don't think these litle "leaks" are doing the game any justice right now. It just looks like another washed out FPS to me. I have owned and played all BF's.. I have the premium BF3 edition in fact right now, but I'm just saying ... nothing looks new, more colorful, innovative or exciting to me yet, like "oh sh** did you see that!? I've gotta get this game" type stuff yet.

Yes I know shooting the pillars at the bottom of the one building is kinda cool but after 50 or a hundred times, you're stuck looking at that same animation and doing the same thing over and over just to get that same result.

I don't want to jump the gun because I know that BF4 has a good strong following and solid gameplay and this game will turn out to satisfy many, many BF fans. I just am not sure how much is left in the - "what do you gamers think about this new thing?" - tank as far as my own personal interest goes.

Perpetual war with storylines ripped from today's CNN headlines is good enough, but for me there just seems to be something missing, something that can hold my interest beyond the standard gun and skin collecting and k/d ratios of every other FPS out there. Please don't hate me lol.

The_Sneauxman1873d ago

Then what would it take to spark your interest? I mean FPS's are rather limited. DUST 514 is pretty immersed in upping the ante with the customization and armor upgrades, vehicle upgrades, etc.
What else could be introduced to FPS's to make them "Original"?

iamnsuperman1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I guess you could introduce a skill based system where the more times you use something (i.e. shooting a rifle or running) the better and quicker you are able to do it (some games do try this but in a limited and poor capacity). Completely scrap levels/boosting perks and make it more dynamic and individual

The real big "innovation" for FPS is story telling. There isn't much you can do with online but where FPS (especially Modern Warfare type of games) are weakest is storytelling. It may not seem like innovation but a good ground breaking story is what is needed to keep these games fresh

Avernus1873d ago

Please. I've been playing DUST over a year and a half now, since closed beta. The game offers allot of PROMISE. The game atm is utter shit, and CCP (the dev) is taking their sweet time in fixing their "fixes" and updates.

As to finding a meaningful shooter these days? lol... every shooter is a lobby shooter. Join lobby, kill people, rinse and repeat.

PS2 offers more, though it's not exactly a perfect game.

The_Sneauxman1873d ago

I'm not sure why the disagree there but with a skill based system you would have a less balanced and somewhat unfair. Think about Borderlands style upgrading online. You would end up having Boosting like you wouldn't believe just to easily troll everyone you would come across and stat pad to the top of the leaderboards. Or am I just misunderstanding

spektical1873d ago

i love the leaks. Shows were the game is going and I'm loving every bit of it. The definition of alpha escapes many "gamers".

Salooh1873d ago

No , it's true what you say , I already feel like i mastered the game . The step is not that big when it comes to new stuff , but you can call this the perfect BF3 sequel . It's better then playing ghost . You have a lots of different vehicles which all play nice. You have a lots of weapons. Big maps , 64 players , 60FPS. Awesome looking graphics and dynamic stuff in mp. It is a good step for battlefield . But it need to evolve more. Just like what super man saying. They can bring a skill system. Evolve co-op instead of making that lame campaign. Make a survival map ( or even dinosaurs in it as a secret thing ) . I hope you guys get what i mean . Battlefield still can innovate .

elhebbo161873d ago

If you dont want it, you have the right to not buy it. thats not gonna stop the million of other people who love the battlefield games.

Tr10wn1872d ago

Don't expect something new from bf4 aparts more grapchics and destructions and water with physics.

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iamnsuperman1873d ago

I know it is pre alpha but man that gun needs fixing. No recoil and the sound was awful. No really punch to it. I hope that is fixed in the final product

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1873d ago

There's a reason for no recoil it's a remote controlled turret that is mounted to a system that stops recoil, just like the remote controlled turrets on humvee and bf3. Also the turret is like 30mm cannon mounted to bottom of a havoc or apache helicopter, it's using HE rounds that's why it's doesn't sound like a regular gun should sound

elhebbo161873d ago

its not a rifle that you shoot with your hands, its bolted down to boat.

iamnsuperman1872d ago

I know which is why I said gun not rifle. It sound is incredibly weak

NarooN1872d ago

>Watches shit-quality compressed youtube video from unknown source
>Complains about sound quality

wannabe gamer1872d ago

your character is inside the boat so it makes sense that the sound would be muffled. switch to 3rd person mode and i bet it sounds different.

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supes_241873d ago

I agree with you. All these videos coming out lately of BD have actually discouraged me more and more from getting the game. Alpha, yes, but crap looks lime crap to me. This late in development we should get at leat one great looking video from DICE. As far as the next gen shooters I'm not planning on getting any at the moment.

elhebbo161872d ago

If you go by BF3, I'm sure there is gonna be a variety of different map so dont sweat it. this just happens to be the one map where the building falls and the debris makes the whole thing grey lol.

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