Battlefield 4 – Watch skyscraper falling down and making a tsunami, Chinese Z-10W and more inside

BehindGames writes: New Battlefield 4 multiplayer footage has been spotted by us, after MP1st has posted some of them from YouTube, today we ll post some of new videos shows a giant skyscraper falling down and making a tsunami.

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itsRehabTime1877d ago

why are the giving away glitchy gameplay? it makes the game look poor.

BehindGames1877d ago

its your opinion, people want more about the game

MidnytRain1877d ago

He's kinda right, you know. Showing glitchy gameplay is bad publicity. I'm buying it, but just sayin.

JP13691877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


You could make the argument that the people watching Youtube clips of unreleased games are what you might call enthusiasts and as such, should know what the development process entails. It then stands to reason that these same people should stop whining and just enjoy the footage with the understanding that it's running on unfinished code.

SolidStoner1876d ago

the game is so massive, every gamer should know that in this kind of scale some glitches time to time, especially while in development time are very normal to occur...

I saw one realistic fish with realistic AI jumping around in the wave!! ;)

mikeslemonade1876d ago

Yea it's unscripted but still not impressed.

Panthers1876d ago

A skyscraper fell in the middle of an online match and the debris caused a wave. If anything this is showing what the game can do. Thats pretty impressive, especially if it was a full match.

GraveLord1876d ago

People want to know about the final product, not how glitchy it is during development. I get it, you like Battlefield but that doesn't mean everything about it is the holy grail. Its ok to criticize a game that you like.

Based on your avatar I see you like GTA V. How would you like it if Rockstar put out some gameplay that's running a 10FPS?

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Pandamobile1877d ago

Do you not know what beta or alpha software means?

aliengmr1877d ago

You mean games DON'T just appear out of thin air ready to play?

JP13691877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Mind = Blown

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RadioActiveTwinky1877d ago

I am pretty sure this is all Beta and possible Alpha gameplay. The game isnt out for another couple of months. No need to worry.

BaronVonRhett1876d ago

It's only Alpha. Beta starts in september.

GuyThatPlaysGames1877d ago ShowReplies(2)
yeahokchief1876d ago


Shadonic1876d ago

they should put up a Alpha footage tag on the videos seeing how people always jump the gun when it comes to footage and dont keep up with the games current progress.

DeadlyFire1876d ago

This is just early Alpha build stuff. Beta footage will be a whole different world.

This is only one map. I want to see the others.

GraveLord1876d ago

Call of Duty multiplayer reveal in 2 weeks. They're trying to drown that out with pre-alpha footage or whatever this is.

I say let people put out this footage on their own once the beta is out.

3-4-51876d ago

Anybody who is actually paying attention understands this is not the final game.

Learn to appreciate the small things.

JumpingJames881869d ago

Sometimes glitches make games more enjoyable. (See: any Sonic game)

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Sam Fisher1877d ago

Yea, it's nice to know that it doesn't seem scripted, like it looks like the building falls when ever it wants

AFCCannonieri1877d ago

There are pillars at the bottom of the building and when they are damaged enough in the right points then the building will come down so yeah its not actually scripted but you do need alot of firepower to bring it down, from tanks, RPGs etc.

TrollCraftTales1877d ago

@Sam Fisher
It falls when it takes enough damage to the supporting beams. It could stay standing the entire match, or you could run over there with a tank at the beginning and take it down, whatever you want to do.. That's my favorite part about BF4 now...

GuyThatPlaysGames1877d ago

It's 100% scripted just like all the damage in the previous battlefield games. None of the damage is ever real-time.

cunnilumpkin1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

the ps4 rules!!!

vallencer1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

This is called alpha gameplay. Which is also being played on the PC just so you know.

edit: my comment makes no sense now since cunnilumpkin changed his comment. I suppose i'll just take the disagrees.

fattyuk1877d ago

Death to cod and the Xbox!

So psyched for battlefield.

inf3cted11877d ago

What does that have to do with this? This is running on a PC btw.

elhebbo161877d ago

maybe the PS4 version is the one that he is getting? just my guess.

xtremexx1877d ago

lol wut? such a random comment.

StoutBEER1877d ago

Fattyuk... shut up. Death to LBP and Playstation! Im gettin it on Xbox One!
But seriously everything besides death to Playstation...

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andibandit1876d ago

The dog in COD is still crazier.

PockyKing1877d ago

That's awesome, environmental effects are going to be so cool to see in games this coming gen. I hope they add a bit more detail to the wave etc as I know this is an alpha. The waves in the campaign demo are amazing, if they can do something like that for when the building falls in mp that'll be something.

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