Soundtrack Spotlight – ‘Breathless’ (The Last Of Us)

OnlySP: ‘Breathless’, is from the post-apocalyptic action/horror game The Last Of Us from Naughty Dog, and the last to be featured as a part of the The Last Of Us Soundtrack special. The minimal, dark ambient soundtrack is an original score composed by Gustavo Santaolalla.The track is an incredibly minimal and simplistic drone track, that slips out of existence soon after beginning. The production on the track is fantastic, with just the right amount of panning ensuring that the listener is overwhelmed with feelings of uneasiness by the harsh bass tones.

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P_Bomb1876d ago

Great soundtrack, the campfire vibe acoustic guitars and the like make such a difference. Very ambient, dissonant. Nice break from the typical orchestral soundtracks often found in games. You can stream it on Sony's Music Unlimited service