'DayZ' video and screenshots drop but release date does not

XMNR: Bohemia Interactive's Dean "Rocket" Hall provided a video update and a load of screenshots for Day Z standalone Saturday. However, he also revealed that the game is not yet ready for release despite originally targeting July.

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Maddens Raiders1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Looking good. Hope it eventually makes it to consoles. I love how the devs are totally committed to putting out a stellar product before others even get their hands on beta testing. That's the kind of product I like to put on my shelves.

1877d ago
Fireseed1878d ago

Well unsurprisingly the character movement system still looks static as crap.

thorstein1878d ago

" Hall mentions that the game's graphics still need to be optimized along with work that is needed for zombie AI among other things." Yeah, I hate reading articles too.

Fireseed1877d ago

The movement system isn't a graphical tweak, it's part of the core code of ARMA, it's clunky, over encumbering, needlessly slow, for that "simulation" feel. And it plain out sucks.

thorstein1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Oh. I didn't realize you were on the development team, my bad. I just thought movement would have fallen under "other things."

What are you doing on here. Why aren't you improving the "movement system."

1878d ago
jon12341877d ago

i dont see where all the love for this mod comes from... ive seen people play it... i will say though that this game is an excellent cross country simulator

TheSaint1877d ago

It is a strange one but it's the tension of survival, that's about the best way I can explain it maybe someone else could do a better job.

It is a fun game, especially with friends.

kostchtchie_1877d ago

good to see zombies are still utter garbage in this game and still hit you without even connecting, good going, keep up the good work, we so lucky also, now we can be knocked down from super running super hearing super eye sight zombies that still see you from the other side of town.... keep it up

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