Pikmin 3: The Kotaku Review(s)

Kotaku: "Pikmin 3 is a grand refinement of the ideas introduced in the first Pikmin game. What it lacks in the brand-new it makes up for in being the best version of a Nintendo's ode to interactive ant-armies. It's the Wii U's StarCraft.

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guitarded771873d ago

Just waiting on UPS because Nintendo believes in releasing stuff on Sunday. I guess they think everyone still goes to retail to buy stuff.

1873d ago
_QQ_1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

well if it wasn't sunday it woule be monday. and at least now you know how to make 72$ an hour from your computer.

ZeekQuattro1873d ago

Your starting to sound like my roomate's half-sister. lmao

Summons751873d ago

Well if you weren't lazy you'd be playing it but Nintendo releases games on Sunday so 1) kids can get to the store and purchase it and 2) people wont skip school or work to play it.

It's also a nice break from the game release surge of Tuesdays anyway.

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