Top 10 Nobou Uematsu Compositions

Hardcore Gamer: Even though all of his musical adventures deserve everyone’s attention, some are better than others. Here’s a look at the top 10—past and present—Nobuou Uematsu compositions. Memory lane ahead!


Title should read "Top 10 Nobuo Uematsu Compositions"

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Action GO FIGURE1811d ago

Only the Final Fantasies with Nobou's music are REAL Final Fantasies.

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Lucreto1811d ago

Uematsu music is hard to rate as we all have our favourites. I love Aeriths Theme and To Zanarkand.

3-4-51811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

ahh Never played FFX but love the music. All his music is good though. It would be easier to make a top 10 OST's for him instead of single songs.

He's amazing at making you feel emotions through music.

Quicktopick1811d ago

yeap this 1 i really can feel the emotion on this
makes me wanna play it again... and i will

Mr_Pinky1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Seriously it dosn't matter what type of list it is realting to Final Fantasy, FF7 always comes first despite other Final Fantasy games having one over it whatever the top list is about

In my opinion Liberi Fatali should of been number one. Hell Final Fantasy 8s music in general is amazing.

dumahim1811d ago

FF8 doesn't get enough recognition for its music. There's some really outstanding stuff in 7 that can't be topped, but 8 is pretty consistently good and the quality of the sound is quite a bit better in 8 as well. Hell, I think the ending theme was probably my favorite for about a decade.

CrescentFang1811d ago

FFVIII's entire OST was pretty damn awesome. What's been on my mind the past few days is "The Landing". The game still looks and feels great after all these years.

elhebbo161811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I like Chrono Triggers sound track over FF7.

edit: which Nobou Uematsu also made if I'm correct.

mcr6196191811d ago

Aria de mezzo?... that was better than aerith theme, that was where aerith theme came from..

also, liberi fatali

caseh1811d ago

Aeris theme at #1, really?

F*** that, the opening theme from FF6 is where its at:

Drewminati1811d ago

FF6 is where it at.. not to mention more of ff6 should of been on the list

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The story is too old to be commented.