Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Offscreen Menu Screenshots

Recent off-screen menu screenshots of Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster for PS3 & PS Vita, confirmed that Last Mission will be included in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster.

In additional, Final Fantays X HD remaster will include 60 rearranged sound tracks from Masashi Hamauzu; and both FFX and FFX-2 will have trophies support.

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Ksar1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

The Last Mission confirmed.

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GeckoPutt1871d ago


You don't know how much I was hoping for Last Mission. Whilst it didn't receive the warmest reception, it is still part of the X|X-2 mythos, and as this will most probably be the last time these games are touched, I want to be able to do everything that these games offer!

I just hope these pictures aren't fake!

GeckoPutt1869d ago


Last Mission is a storyline-based mission set three months after the defeat of Vegnagun where Yuna, Rikku, and Paine meet up for the first time since going their separate ways after their victory to explore the recently-discovered Yadonoki Tower ruins.

The tower has 80 levels with a boss battle on every 20th level. On every 10th level, the girls have a conversation regarding current events in their lives and in Spira, adding many post-game conclusions for NPCs. These conversations can be altered depending on how the player begins the mission.

It's got a different style of gameplay, and I'm not exactly 100% keen on it if I'm honest, but as it is part of the International version and we are receiving these remasters, I would hope that we got everything that these games entail; we now do! :D

SynGamer1871d ago

I would really like to know how the Vita version is going to be packaged and priced. SE can't honestly expect us to pay more for both games than the PS3 owners ($39.99). I'm also curious to see how large the downloads will be. Perhaps they'll sell it as a bundle, but have 1 game on a cartridge and the other as a downloadable title?

TM3331871d ago

I'm really hoping it's just simply $20 a game (hard copy), and possibly a bundle with both. At least Last Mission is on PS3 and Vita versions.

AirJohnston1871d ago

Both games on the PS3 are $40 together, so it would only make sense that each game separately on the Vita would be $20. But then is Square Enix.

SynGamer1871d ago

"But then is Square Enix."

And that's what has me troubled. I mean, to me, your average consumer, there is no logic to charging more for both games on Vita. I like the idea of $20 each, or $40 both both (two cases/carts?). My real concern is SE will release them separately at $30 each and people won't buy.

We'll know soon enough, but my fingers are crossed that I can buy both for $40 total and be done with it :)

Tigerfire1871d ago

All I need is a goddamn release date! :(

SynGamer1871d ago

The Fall schedule is quickly becoming packed, they may want to hurry up and announce this soon.

josephayal1871d ago

it is a disgrace that such a great game is being limited to the PS when in the past Square Enix has released Final Fantasy games too both console, i cannot wait for the WII U/X1 versions

fsfsxii1871d ago

Nobody got the joke -__-

3-4-51871d ago

FFX is on PS because it never was anywhere else.

It's not like it's FF6 that was on SNES.

Minato-Namikaze1871d ago

Seriously doubt they are gonna get this of KH HD, might as well buy a ps3 and stop crying.

Stsonic1871d ago

I think you post crap just to see how stupid people can be.

slaton241871d ago

wow did you really just go there troll

Brix901871d ago

If games like this interest you buy a console that sells the games you want.

friedricr1871d ago

The biggest waste of human resources i have ever witness.

M-M1871d ago

Someone get this guy back down to one bubble please.

Murad1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Terrible comment

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Xof1871d ago

What the goddamn hell is this?

"In additional, Final Fantays X HD remaster will include 60 rearranged sound tracks from Masashi Hamauzu"

This sounds potentially ruinous. Are they -replacing- Uematsu's score with some crappy remix?

Ksar1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Remaster =/= remix.

Unless you prefer midi version of songs, i don't see the problem. Besides, Masashi Hamauzu is a great composer, "A dream that will end some time", "people of the north pole", "Besaid Island", "wandering"... that's him, not Uematsu (I also love his work)

Xof1871d ago

Ah, sorry.

I just panicked.

This is Square-Enix, after all.

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