The Return of the Stealth Genre

OnlySP: I was always a great fan of the stealth genre. One of my first ever “stealth games” was Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. I played it relentlessly. I loved the grown-up story and cool sneaking elements from shooting out lights to create your own darkness and using acrobatic split jumps between two walls as well as the lack of emphasis on killing which I was surprised to see in a game.

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sonicsidewinder1630d ago

"The Return of the Stealth Genre" in the form of games which are designed for babies who don't like stealth games.


cj1pate1011630d ago

You know your right when 3 people disagree this quick ^ I miss when stealth games actually were stealth games.

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Logak1630d ago

Well, hopefully the new Thief game will not be so easy. Expert with no hints/focus for me! Just like the originals :D

sonicsidewinder1629d ago

I've heard there is no jump button in the new theif. You can only mount/mantle in pre-defined places.

When you compare that to say, Zelda, it doesn't sound so bad.

But when you compare it to..I dont know, how about THIEF??? Where you can jump around, mantle and find ways to get about the environment, you can tell this new Thief is going to be one of 'those' games.

See above. Damn shame.

Donnieboi1630d ago

Every stealth junkie needs to play Stealth Inc. They should make a demo so people can try it out and see how good it is.

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fsfsxii1630d ago

Ahh, where has it gone before??

fsfsxii1630d ago

wtf?? I was asking a serious question.
The title makes it seem like we didn't have a stealth game in forever.
Last year we had Dishonored

PockyKing1630d ago

Hm, don't think it makes it sound like we haven't seen a stealth game in forever, but the genre is making a comeback in popularity. Thief, Splinter Cell, etc, those games are evolving, but at the same time returning to their routes.

cj1pate1011630d ago

Dishonored was a bioshock clone nothing more dude.

Logak1630d ago

@cj1pate101 lol what?! I think Dishonored was more of a Thief clone

Rodney251630d ago

I think TLOU can be put into this with the human sections playing a big emphasis on stealth.

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CrossingEden1630d ago

It didn't go anywhere, it just evolved like every other genre evolves and the nostalgia fanboys refuse to accept new things, gamers=hardcore conservatives

elhebbo161630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

These days stealth feels like an RPG game with all the upgrades to make being stealthly easier... I'm not saying its a bad thing but I miss games like splinter cell: chaos theory or the original thief. THOSE were stealth games.

PockyKing1630d ago

The indie scene is doing a much better job at taking risks with stealth games. Stealth INC is a game every person who likes stealth should try.

elhebbo161630d ago

I just put $10 on my PSN account and I'm about to get it right now ^_^. so excited.

PockyKing1630d ago

I haven't played it just yet, got a review code but didn't work, looking forward to reviewing it next week. Have only heard great things about it though.

Convas1630d ago

You mean Stealth Bastard? The game they intriguingly name changed from its Steam release?

PockyKing1630d ago

Yup, same game but with added levels and updated graphics. Sadly, seems the name change is what made it stand out more as a PSN release.

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Jyndal1630d ago

My first stealth game was probably the first Thief game. I know some consider the original Metal Gear to be the first stealth game, but I've just never been able to see it in that light...see what I did there?

Master-H1630d ago

To me the stealth genre is dead until i see a Tenchu title.