Check Out Two Videos of the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Demos

There's been a lot of talk about how Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII plays in the past few weeks, even thanks to the large number of events at which the game has been showcased. Today two videos actually show it, for a total of 27 minutes of gameplay.

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Lovable1573d ago

Would be great if EB games accept pre order for this game. Apparently, they don't even have the game in their system/

cleft51573d ago

The combat system looks really interesting. Fast paced but not all that bad. I need to see more before I can judge it one way or the other, but I don't hate it so far.

1573d ago
TronEOL1568d ago

What? EB Games in Canada is accepting pre-orders. Australia maybe?

Lovable1568d ago

Canada here in Vancouver. They don't even have the game in their system.

They have FF X and FF 14 but not this one.

listenkids1573d ago

Doesn't look too bad, can't stand the shield route or the running outside of fights.

Ksar1573d ago

Already Pre-ordered.

titans99991573d ago

No summons? No airships? No chocobos? No mots? Only one playable character? Looks pretty lame and boring! When will we ever see a true FF game?

Ksar1573d ago

Shut up, dude. It's old.

maximus19851573d ago

yeah dude, shut up bro and stuff. thats old brah i like call of duty and i like final fantasy lightning returns again versus herself part 13-5 with nothing that made an ff great to be included....dude

wishingW3L1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

seems like a legit FF game... Not. XD

I wonder what kind of strategies can be made with just one character. This is basically an action game at this point.

Summons751573d ago

Well we all got a bunch but maybe you can get a true final fantasy when you stop being a hateful troll or get your eyes checked.

TronEOL1568d ago

Final Fantasy can be great without returning to turn based, 16bit games.

I can agree that Final Fantasy, after 12, hasn't been all that great, but they're still decent games (at least) in their own right.

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The story is too old to be commented.