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OmniGamer reviews the fantasy beat 'em up Dragon's Crown, the latest from Vanillaware. If you enjoy fantasy literature, you might enjoy this particular review style.

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Gamesgbkiller1811d ago

I don't know how Polygon gave it a low score compared to this and other reviews.

Sad this is I won't play this game until NISA announce the release date for EU.

admiralvic1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I am sure a lot of people are going to disagree, but I wouldn't trust averages. A lot of smaller sites will give game scores in the curve to avoid the backlash (like what happened to Polygon), other sites have people that don't know the game very well (I know 1 site* where the reviewer was unable to beat the game, but gave it a 9.5. I know another site* where the reviewer only played as 1 of the characters and gave it a 9.6) and other sites have reviewers that write off "problems" as things they don't care about (aforementioned 9.5 reviewer debated some of the mechanics with me).

Honestly and personally speaking, I don't see how the game is scoring 9's on average. It looks amazing, but it's extremely short (My fastest was 4 and a half hours) if you're trying to beat it fast. The quoted 20 hours is talking about beating every difficulty / every quest. I don't think level 99 is included, since that is a serious grind (70,000,000+ XP). Besides being short, the online system is just terrible. I made a video ( ) showing off how it works and you can see in the first part I am on floor 21 fighting level 120 enemies offline. When I try to do the same thing online, the game instantly matches me with somebody and now I am suddenly fighting level 50 enemies. Sure I can get XP / loot, but I am not progressing deeper in the Lab, nor is it anywhere near as challenging. There is also the matter of the seemingly missing voice chat, utterly worthless AI partners (they will waste magic / potions at the worst possible times), the inability to kick someone who is doing nothing besides quitting (giving up your bonuses) or timing out the system at the end, you only level at the end of an adventure and getting a connection error can result in you losing all your progress in an adventure.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun game for a while, but there are too many simple / obvious problems to universally praise the game. Between all that listed above and how many times you'll end up seeing the same thing, this game is a lot closer to a 7 than a 9.

-waits for people who are blindly defending it to tell me how I am wrong.-

* I would list the sites, but I don't want to name names.

TongkatAli1811d ago

Idc about the cons and still buying. I love Vanillaware games for their gamplay, atomsphere, artstyle and godly soundtracks, rather play RPGs that I move around and have no battle screens.

You can give a game a 10 and it can have mutiple flaws. It's all about did you walk away from the exp loving it. That is all that matters not 100 hours of gameplay. If you want more hours in the game play with all the characters.

I respect your opinion. Did you try the player vs player ?

admiralvic1811d ago

@ TongkatAli

I know a 10/10 isn't perfect, but that doesn't mean apparent / obvious errors can be overlooked because it's "fun". Here's another way to look at it...

Every character starts at the same point, but gear / allies are shared. Every character MUST unlock online, which means you don't need to just unlock it once, but up to 6 times if you want to play as every character online. This is needlessly redundant. Quests also feature that redundancy problem, since they typically request you to do things you probably already did. A lot of the secret rooms / places I explored for fun in my first play through, ultimately became quests I had to redo later. This would be fine with me if the game offered me the quest FIRST, but telling me to summon the genie 3 times after I just summoned him 6 times is annoying. Another annoyance is lacking the ability to "control" your party. Why do you need to control them you ask? Well you can fail fights.

Every B route boss seems to have a "fail" condition, which results in you killing the boss, but failing to get the talisman (if you need those). Some of them are triggered by being slow, where as others are triggered by people doing what they want. The Red Dragon for instance can be fought in a small room or you can go in a hallway. If you go the hallway route, then you have a finite amount of time or you lose the talisman. The same happens with medusa, since leaving the first area voids the talisman. Nothing more annoying than getting to the boss (esp if you're in an adventure set and don't want to lose your score) and then fail to get the talisman because someone was stupid.

As far as PVP goes, it was okay, but it will take a lot of grinding / luck to make the most of it. I really don't think the mode will be that popular down the road.

TongkatAli1811d ago

That sucks that it annoyed you, still can't wait for Tuesday. Thank you for giving me the heads up on what to expect.

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