The Witness: A Beautiful Indie Game With an Intriguing Premise [TheGameHeadz]

Thanks to services like Steam, indie games have been making a huge comeback in recent years. Indie hits like Bastion and Amnesia: The Dark Descent are now household names for gamers. E3 this year saw a fair share of indie game previews, and among them was The Witness. This lovely puzzle game takes place on an island that the player can explore at their own pace.

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Loki861875d ago

I really don't care how great this game is, I will not be giving that idiot Blow one penny.

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patsrule3161875d ago

Jonathan Blow might not always say things that make the masses happy, but Braid is my all time favorite indie game, and it was so good, I would buy whatever his next game is on faith alone. I consider it my biggest must buy (probably timed) exclusive for the PS4.

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AgentSmithPS41874d ago

The "music" in the witness ps4 trailer made me not want to buy the game, I do think the island colors are pretty though. I don't care if the maker is an ahole that just means I'll wait for reviews before buying it. I like puzzle games sometimes but I'm not sure how much I'd pay for a game like this considering how many hours of replayability are in other games like watch dogs, bf4, the division, the crew, etc.

KiRBY30001874d ago

really? why?

the music in the trailer is beautiful. i hope it's included somehow in the game or at least gives an idea of what to expect from the soundtrack.