“Final Fantasy is Dead”: That’s Quite an Ignorant Statement to Make

The slight increase of the size of Lightning's bra cups and some jiggle caused a disproportional backlash, causing even journalists to use the irrational sentence "Final Fantasy is dead."

But is final fantasy really dead? Maybe what's really dead is their ability to look at things objectively.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1814d ago

Ignorant or arrogant? Those are two different things, this seems to discuss the arrogance of the statement. Just saying.

Abriael1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Ignorant first and foremost, because it ignores basically everything else related to the current and past situation of the series and focuses basically only on lightning's funglobes, that aren't that bigger anyway.

And that's exactly what this article discusses.

Other parts of it could be defined arrogant as well, but I'll let someone else write that story :D

Almost all game journalists are somewhat arrogant, but ignorance is a way worse sin.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1814d ago

I'd say both are equally sinful because both amount to a lack of empirical knowledge.

If you ask me this is definitely talking about the arrogance though.

"Unfortunately, the result managed to overtake even my most pessimistic prediction and we were all treated with the following gem: “Final Fantasy Isn’t Dying. It’s Already Dead”

That’s quite the interesting statement, and also a dreadfully ignorant one to make. Let’s go ahead and dismantle the whole thing."

In other words, it's a response to an article making a claim. Thus it would have to be filed under arrogance.

Abriael1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

@Vashlion: believe me, I know what my own article is about. :D

And 90% of the article is about how that particular journalist simply doesn't know what he's talking about, hence ignorance.

You can attach arrogance to it, but that's a matter of point of view and semantics. And arguing semantics is rather silly, when there's plenty room to talk substance.

President1814d ago

FF has been dead to me since X but XVI looks like FF might return back to its glory days. No wonder, the game is made by Hajime Tabata(FF Crisis Core, Type-0) and Tetsuya Nomura, 2 decent guys Square Enix has left.

abzdine1814d ago

when i pay more attention to new IPs coming out of nowhere than to FF then it means that FF is definitely dead to me.
FF15 looks great as next gen but except the name that game has nothing in common with a FF.

Time has changed

blackmanone1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

"ignores basically everything else related to the current and past situation of the series and focuses basically only on lightning's funglobes, that aren't that bigger anyway. And that's exactly what this article discusses. "

That's Vashlion's point. That's arrogance, not ignorance; but what do I know, I'm just an author, not a blogger. Not a big point, but a valid one.

Ignorance isn't knowing the past and choosing to ignore it. It has almost no connection to the word ignore, if that's what you're having the issues with. Ignorance is lack of knowing the truth. These people know FF past, they just don't care. Can't say I do anymore, though I'm cautiously optimistic over FF Versus, or whatever it's called now.

mikeslemonade1813d ago

Ever since Square-Enix moneyhated and went multiplatform they have made average games instead of great games.

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Xof1813d ago

It's a problem of two disparate groups of gamers unwilling to acknowledge that the other group's view of the franchise is legitimate.

Some gamers think modern Final Fantasies are genuine Final Fantasy games... because they're Final Fantasy games. This is a valid line of thought.

Other gamers think post-Square-Enix Final Fantasies are not genuine Final Fantasy games... because they bear so few of the qualities that made the series so memorable and classic to begin with. This line of thinking is equally valid.

No one truly believe Final Fantasy is dead. Rather, this statement is more a shorthand for "Final Fantasy is dead (to me)." It comes from gamers who were fans of the older games who are simply too bitter with Square-Enix and too upset over the plunging quality of the titles to tolerate the series any longer.

Acting as though this sentiment stems exclusively from a recent interview focusing on Lightning's breasts is... a monumental disservice to a legion of gamers.

So cut it out.

Kte1814d ago

Not gonna say FF is dead, but I will say that Square Enix f***ed up

maximus19851814d ago

agreed. dont know why any one disagrees, are they not remaking ff14? was versus not on delay for 6 years and lose its "versus 13" name? is lightning returns not being shoved down our throught even though we asked for other projects as fans of ff6, ff7, ff8...hell any of the other good ffs. but no square enix is doing fine right?

Kte1813d ago

That's right, I mean sure they tend not to listen 80% of the time, but they are doing ok lol

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pompombrum1814d ago

Until proven otherwise, the FF I knew and grew up loving sure seems dead. I hope FF14 turns out great but it has a long way to go before I'm a converted believer with that battle system they showcased at E3.

NegativeCreepWA1813d ago

Whats wrong with the battle systems? looks great to me.

pompombrum1813d ago

It looked like some sort of watered down DMC crap to me. It sure didn't look like it had much strategic depth.

NegativeCreepWA1813d ago

I think you're getting XIV mixed up with XV. XIV is the mmo.

So in that case I agree with you, looks like a action game, not a RPG.

Sadist31814d ago

Final fantasy"a been dead.

Father Murder X1814d ago

It pretty much is. It is just signifying japan's fading role in the game industry. None of games that I own for my 360 and Ps3 none were made in Japan or by a japanese company. Its all the US and Europe.

they don't make good games like they use too!

Mr-SellJack1814d ago

U must be a casual gamer then....

wishingW3L1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

or you an "optimistic" fanboy in denial? Both Kojima and Inafune think that Japanese games are not as impressive as they used to be and that is the truth.

I have hundreds of games between the Sega Master, Genesis, Nes, Snes, PS1 and PS2 and like 98% of them are Japanese games. Meanwhile on the PS3 most of them are western games... Dude, I'm a freaking weaboo but the truth is the truth. Even Japanese themselves on 2CH forums say that console Japanese games are crap and that's why most of them only game on their cellphones now.

DragonKnight1813d ago

Then you missed out on Demon's/Dark Souls.