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“Final Fantasy is Dead”: That’s Quite an Ignorant Statement to Make

The slight increase of the size of Lightning's bra cups and some jiggle caused a disproportional backlash, causing even journalists to use the irrational sentence "Final Fantasy is dead."

But is final fantasy really dead? Maybe what's really dead is their ability to look at things objectively. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XV, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   730d ago
Ignorant or arrogant? Those are two different things, this seems to discuss the arrogance of the statement. Just saying.
Abriael  +   730d ago
Ignorant first and foremost, because it ignores basically everything else related to the current and past situation of the series and focuses basically only on lightning's funglobes, that aren't that bigger anyway.

And that's exactly what this article discusses.

Other parts of it could be defined arrogant as well, but I'll let someone else write that story :D

Almost all game journalists are somewhat arrogant, but ignorance is a way worse sin.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   730d ago
I'd say both are equally sinful because both amount to a lack of empirical knowledge.

If you ask me this is definitely talking about the arrogance though.

"Unfortunately, the result managed to overtake even my most pessimistic prediction and we were all treated with the following gem: “Final Fantasy Isn’t Dying. It’s Already Dead”

That’s quite the interesting statement, and also a dreadfully ignorant one to make. Let’s go ahead and dismantle the whole thing."

In other words, it's a response to an article making a claim. Thus it would have to be filed under arrogance.
Abriael  +   730d ago
@Vashlion: believe me, I know what my own article is about. :D

And 90% of the article is about how that particular journalist simply doesn't know what he's talking about, hence ignorance.

You can attach arrogance to it, but that's a matter of point of view and semantics. And arguing semantics is rather silly, when there's plenty room to talk substance.
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President  +   730d ago
FF has been dead to me since X but XVI looks like FF might return back to its glory days. No wonder, the game is made by Hajime Tabata(FF Crisis Core, Type-0) and Tetsuya Nomura, 2 decent guys Square Enix has left.
abzdine  +   730d ago
when i pay more attention to new IPs coming out of nowhere than to FF then it means that FF is definitely dead to me.
FF15 looks great as next gen but except the name that game has nothing in common with a FF.

Time has changed
blackmanone  +   730d ago
"ignores basically everything else related to the current and past situation of the series and focuses basically only on lightning's funglobes, that aren't that bigger anyway. And that's exactly what this article discusses. "

That's Vashlion's point. That's arrogance, not ignorance; but what do I know, I'm just an author, not a blogger. Not a big point, but a valid one.

Ignorance isn't knowing the past and choosing to ignore it. It has almost no connection to the word ignore, if that's what you're having the issues with. Ignorance is lack of knowing the truth. These people know FF past, they just don't care. Can't say I do anymore, though I'm cautiously optimistic over FF Versus, or whatever it's called now.
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mikeslemonade  +   730d ago
Ever since Square-Enix moneyhated and went multiplatform they have made average games instead of great games.
Xof  +   730d ago
It's a problem of two disparate groups of gamers unwilling to acknowledge that the other group's view of the franchise is legitimate.

Some gamers think modern Final Fantasies are genuine Final Fantasy games... because they're Final Fantasy games. This is a valid line of thought.

Other gamers think post-Square-Enix Final Fantasies are not genuine Final Fantasy games... because they bear so few of the qualities that made the series so memorable and classic to begin with. This line of thinking is equally valid.

No one truly believe Final Fantasy is dead. Rather, this statement is more a shorthand for "Final Fantasy is dead (to me)." It comes from gamers who were fans of the older games who are simply too bitter with Square-Enix and too upset over the plunging quality of the titles to tolerate the series any longer.

Acting as though this sentiment stems exclusively from a recent interview focusing on Lightning's breasts is... a monumental disservice to a legion of gamers.

So cut it out.
Kte  +   730d ago
Not gonna say FF is dead, but I will say that Square Enix f***ed up
maximus1985  +   730d ago
agreed. dont know why any one disagrees, are they not remaking ff14? was versus not on delay for 6 years and lose its "versus 13" name? is lightning returns not being shoved down our throught even though we asked for other projects as fans of ff6, ff7, ff8...hell any of the other good ffs. but no square enix is doing fine right?
Kte  +   729d ago
That's right, I mean sure they tend not to listen 80% of the time, but they are doing ok lol
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kenshiro100  +   729d ago
aiBreeze  +   730d ago
Until proven otherwise, the FF I knew and grew up loving sure seems dead. I hope FF14 turns out great but it has a long way to go before I'm a converted believer with that battle system they showcased at E3.
NegativeCreepWA  +   730d ago
Whats wrong with the battle systems? looks great to me.
aiBreeze  +   730d ago
It looked like some sort of watered down DMC crap to me. It sure didn't look like it had much strategic depth.
NegativeCreepWA  +   730d ago
I think you're getting XIV mixed up with XV. XIV is the mmo.

So in that case I agree with you, looks like a action game, not a RPG.
Sadist3  +   730d ago
Final fantasy"a been dead.
Father Murder X  +   730d ago
It pretty much is. It is just signifying japan's fading role in the game industry. None of games that I own for my 360 and Ps3 none were made in Japan or by a japanese company. Its all the US and Europe.

they don't make good games like they use too!
Mr-SellJack  +   730d ago
U must be a casual gamer then....
wishingW3L  +   730d ago
or you an "optimistic" fanboy in denial? Both Kojima and Inafune think that Japanese games are not as impressive as they used to be and that is the truth.

I have hundreds of games between the Sega Master, Genesis, Nes, Snes, PS1 and PS2 and like 98% of them are Japanese games. Meanwhile on the PS3 most of them are western games... Dude, I'm a freaking weaboo but the truth is the truth. Even Japanese themselves on 2CH forums say that console Japanese games are crap and that's why most of them only game on their cellphones now.
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DragonKnight  +   730d ago
Then you missed out on Demon's/Dark Souls.
Pancit_Canton  +   730d ago
Square Soft is DEAD!!

They took Final Fantasy or what's left of it in their grave.

R.I.P FF-FFX 1987-2001
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maximus1985  +   730d ago
if your going to disagree with pancit_Canton atleast say why.
elda  +   729d ago
Had no problem with X-2,XII or XIII.
Count  +   730d ago
FFXII wasn't a bad game.
kalkano  +   730d ago
True. But, it still wasn't quite a Final Fantasy game.
ChozenWoan  +   729d ago
Gameplay wise FF12 was one of the best, but story wise it came up short.

Who wants to be the sidekick to 3 other characters who had epic stories that where badly told.
spartanlemur  +   730d ago
Square Enix is dead. The final fantasy ip is stuck like a seed in the ground waiting for some new developer which actually listens to fans to purchase and nurture it, hopefully allowing it to sprout again.

I mean they've even ditched Nobuo Uematsu for XV. I honestly can't wait for that studio to go under and see the ip I love rescued by a developer which deserves it.
Abriael  +   730d ago
The Final Fantasy XIV developers proved to listen to the fans more than any other developer in a very, very long time.
wishingW3L  +   730d ago
they invested tons of money on that game and they are desperate, so of course they will listen, they can't cancel it at this point. And at the end, it has improved a lot but is still a pretty average MMO compared to other offerings.
maximus1985  +   730d ago
Abriael i hope your right. they slowed down alot of projects like kh3 and versus (ff15) to fix this ff14online so i really hope they woke up, but seeing lightning for a 3rd time on a not so popular ff makes me doubt it
spartanlemur  +   730d ago
Well that's great for those of you who play MMO's, but I know I'd like to see another single player game where they listen to fans.

My personal wish is to see a single player game set in the more Medieval FF landscape again. XII had an awesome world, and may have been one of the best games in the series had they focused more on character development.
Of course a remake of an older game (VII or IX) would be great too, and bring new younger fans to the series.

And ditching the endless sequels would be so incredibly welcome. FFXV then FFXVI should be how they progress, without this FFXV-4 rubbish.
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CLOUD1983  +   730d ago
@Abriael Eh.. WTF r u saying man? ~.~ who ask for a DMC/Bayonetta wannabe battle system in a main FF game? because it wasn't me for sure, as long they continue to have auto-battles & action battle system FF will always be something else, that's not FF it's a more dark KH.

Where is the FF of the good old times? what is these garbage SE feed us the past 10+ years? they have lost it completely.. there is no reviving the series, the game is lost with the people left behind they can't bring the series back to the glorious days, sad but true.
DragonKnight  +   730d ago
@Abriael: Not right away they didn't. During the early days of FFXIV they completely ignored the beta suggestions and reports that fans gave them. The only reason they turned it around was because no one was going to buy that hot mess of a game. Don't get it twisted, SE do not listen to fans.
squallheart  +   729d ago
@cloud1983 fully agree. I was excited for the game but after the reveal, im like dammit another kh battle system.
Anderson8  +   729d ago

i dunno,considering the battle systems change during every ff iteration i dont see how having a more real time actiony one is such a diversion from the norm, also considering that no1 has played it yet you cant realy judge how diff it is just yet.. it has more FF elements than FF13 so far so i'm more hyped for it than any other title theyve released since X
Sadist3  +   730d ago
For those of us that have been playing final fantasy since the very early 90's, things have went downhill for the series. Then again a lot of Japanese franchises have. Street fighter became super cheap, Ninja gaiden which was the greatest game of all time now totally sux, Tekken is non-existent, Residnt Evil has definitely dropped the ball... Now it seems like Japanese titles are reduced to making RPG's staring five girls, one guy that looks like a girl, and some stupid animal that resembles a mixture between a kitten and a bat.
maximus1985  +   730d ago
im 28 and you sir just took the words from my soul. i miss xenogears, ff6-ff10, legend of legaia, legend of dragoon, front mission 3, tekken 3...is it old age? is the new generation seeing something we arent?
Anderson8  +   729d ago
i think not as most people want the old style back its more companies being afraid of taking risks and tyring to appeal to a broader market and not realising they are alienating all thee ppl who bought their games b4
jc48573  +   730d ago
I think is more ignorant to say that breasts don't jiggle.
wishingW3L  +   730d ago
what's ignorant it's using that as a selling point for what it used to be a legendary series pioneered on high production values, plot and characters.

That's how low they have fallen. The breast jiggle is just the confirmation of their mediocrity.
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fsfsxii  +   730d ago
Yeah... lets put a fanservice crap as the reason of a dead series. Good thinking
DragonKnight  +   730d ago
@fsfsxii: Boob jiggle is not fan service, it's titillation. Fan service usually involves the inclusion of something from the series or genre that fans like, not wanton sex appeal.
first1NFANTRY  +   730d ago
Haven't enjoyed a single FF game since FF10/12. The new developing team is really appalling. They need to go back to what made FF a must have title.
Hicken  +   730d ago
Gaming journalism, in general, has been all about ignorance this generation.

Seems like FF fans are perfectly willing to accept changes in the franchise, so long as the games are exactly the same. I guess the series' success has also become its downfall, as Square-Enix is apparently hamstringed- in the popularity department- by how much they can change... even though the games are always considerably different.

Stop pining for the past. Look at every new game as a NEW GAME, and you might find that they're not so bad.
kalkano  +   730d ago
New game? Fine. New genre? No. Not going to happen.
elda  +   729d ago
@Hicken...WELL SAID!!!....I love the fact that each FF evolves,some of the stories are a mess but over all....the productions are just amazing...to visuals to gameplay,I've always had no problem with progression.
chikane  +   730d ago
Dead or not i'm still gonna buy and enjoy every FF game that come's Out -_-

So to me this topic is a ..Dead Fail...
maximus1985  +   730d ago
so you enjoyed 13?
Hicken  +   730d ago
I did. Is there a problem?

And I'm not new to the franchise, either.
chikane  +   730d ago
@maximus1985 Yes and i still play it even today Love ff13 and x and x-2 12 13-2 and now 9 -_-
Games4M - Rob  +   730d ago
Its dead to me
SpideySpeakz  +   730d ago
No, FF13 is dead. The worst FF game I've ever played. That little hooker Lightning is an awful representation of a protagonist. They literally had to give her bigger boobs for anyone to have any interest in her.

However, FF15 'looks' promising. But I still won't pass judgement until I have the disc in my hands, and even then so, I will still prepare for disappointment.
Anderson8  +   729d ago
couldnt agree more, i dont get how ppl think 13 is remotely passable as an FF game.

15 is the last title i'll put my hopes in i think if that fails then i'll have to find something new
wishingW3L  +   730d ago
FF WAS my absolute favorite franchise, so to me it's pretty much dead. Not even a single good FF game in like 7-10 years!
Wni0  +   730d ago
FF has been dead when they stopped innovating, (10 years ago.)
Tzuno  +   730d ago
is not dead, is poorly managed. last good ff was 12.
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Ripsta7th  +   730d ago
How about we wait until FFXIV? I have a good feeling about that game
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sephiroth420  +   730d ago
ff will never die, looks like they're starting to make up for it though, ff14 is fucking great! ff13 lightning returns.. meh could do without that, but i could say that about the whole 13 series, then theres ff15, the way final fantasy should be in my opinion, dont get me wrong i loved the turn based battle systems, but maybe the turn based system is dead? seeing the new battle system for 15 just goes to show they wont be making that 13 mistake again, well hopefully anyway. FF lives FOREVERRR!!
gamernova  +   730d ago
Pre ordered a realm reborn on pc and just beat ff7 on steam. Not dead.
Anderson8  +   729d ago
when your using a 16 yr old game as part of your example its not that good a sign.
gamernova  +   729d ago
That just serves to highlight how much replayability their games have which serves well to highlight the fact that they are not dead.
Monkeysmarts  +   730d ago
Final Fantasy became nearly irrelevant this generation. It's not a dead franchise, but they need some better ideas and better artists or it will fade even more. Final Fantasy XV needs to be a big hit with worthwhile sequels (since they're already intent on making sequels) or people will simply stop caring.
titans9999  +   730d ago
Looks at his snes console, puts in FF2, loves it....looks at his ps2, puts in FF10, loves it....looks at his PS3, puts in FF13.......huh? What the hell? Throws FF13 in the trash.....notices a game called Skyrim, pops in Skyrim and is BLOWN AWAY.....forgets about any FF game made after 10.....only dreams on occasion of mogs, chocobos, airships, and summons....but eventually wakes up to realize it was just a dream......
Zeroyosh  +   730d ago
I just want Squaresoft back, It's not gonna happen. but...Man I miss those games. /cry
ShinnokDrako  +   730d ago
They're right, "Final Fantasy is dead" is a wrong sentence. The right one is "Final Fantasy died a long time ago", since the original Squaresoft disbanded and some of them joined crapEnix (well... to be honest a long time ago Enix made good games too....).
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kalkano  +   730d ago
Final Fantasy is dead. If they're still making "Final Fantasy" games in 20 years, I'll still stand by that statement. They don't make Final Fantasy games, anymore. What we have now, is an entirely new series, with the "Final Fantasy" name slapped on it. But it really has nothing to do with Final Fantasy, anymore.
Tales RPG addict  +   730d ago
FF has lost its luster but FFXV is looking to brjng the series back. In conparison though Namco Tales isnt doing bad at all.
kewlkat007  +   730d ago
FF has been dead...RPG gamers should be buying others JRPG's worth the money...to support thier favorite genre
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EdoubleD  +   730d ago
Final Fantasy as we know it is in a 'coma'. I still see a glimmer of hope in FFXV. People detest the game because of it's battle system. That is silly and I recommend you open your mind and see to it that you give it a chance. If it does indeed suck, than so be it. But what if it doesn't? The caliber is high and I hope Tetsuya Nomura is up to the task. Otherwise there is no saving this series.
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AceBlazer13  +   730d ago
Ff xiii was the first ff I ever played so that alone should give you my opinion on the series but since square brought me the greatness that is kh I am willing to give them another chance with xiv and xv which looks damn awesome with kh battle system.
assdan  +   730d ago
I only played ff13, and I never wanted to play any of the others. But I like how I see lightning turning more and more "sexy" every single game. They made lightning attractive enough in the first game, and it finally showed games maturing with a female character that isn't treated as a sex object AND had a ton of depth. But nope, they had to oversexualize her in the next one for some weird ass reason. If Final Fantasy 15 isn't good, that series is dead. It's called 15 now right? Aw who cares, 6 years from now final fantasy "13-10 Lightning's J-CUP bouncy revenge" will come out along with final fantasy 23 the new MMO, and they'll decide to redub 15 as final fantasy 24- versus.
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