OXM Preview: Call of Duty: Ghosts - Infinity Ward plays the underdog on Xbox One

Will it be enough to see off Battlefield this year?

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Spoons1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I don't doubt that COD ghosts will sell more copies just by it's larger fanbase alone, but battlefield looks like the better game.

awesomeabe19981837d ago

You cannot say that because we did not see Ghosts multiplayer yet. If it sucks then you can say that Battlefield 4 looks like the better game.

xReDeMpTiOnx1837d ago

Well if history is any indicator we know how cod mp will look.

Reskinned maps
Reskinned guns
More perks
Dynamic maps (kz2 did this back in 2009)
Smart fish AI
And a DoG

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memots1837d ago

"You're not even old enough to play COD "awesomeabe1998".

Or battlefield.

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HammadTheBeast1837d ago

Yes, well it caters to your (assumed) age group. Actually a bit lower.

I started BF2 when I was 16, CoD is targeted for 10+.

awesomeabe19981837d ago

I am 15 so I know what the hell i can and cannot play. This is actually the first game that CoD changes a little bit.

N2NOther1837d ago


Reskinned maps? What like Nuketown and Firing Range? Which are DLC maps?

tw0qwk1837d ago

im actually looking forward to both games i find them both fun but one games alot faster paced then the another so thats what makes cod fun :P

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DA_PRGamer1836d ago

and they used fired range yet again on BO2 dlc which its called studio now :( i was SOOOOOO disappointed man! no COD for me this year, i will play battlefiel4 cause they still using quake engine even tho they say its a new engine which its not, just upgraded!!

sincitysir11837d ago

Everyone go watch blurre lines unrated! Ull thank me.

MizTv1837d ago

I wonder how many players the mp is?

dcj05241837d ago

512 All in a cramped map about 50 meters in area. Pure hell.

venom061837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

dedicated servers or GTFO!!! seriously... sure it will sell more.. it's easy and a brain dead monkey can play it with no problem.. but with BF4 running @ 60FPS and have more people to kill, it's lead will not what it's been in the past. plus battlefield has always been the better all out war experience.. but we all know CoD has that 1 major ACE of spade card up their sleeves, their fanboy reviewers @ IGN and KOTAKU, etc. So they really have nothing to worry about.

Npugz71837d ago

Battlefield has always been the better game in my opinion!!

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