Stop Being Rude and Introduce Yourself to Pikmin 3

Nintendo is doing its best to promote its latest irresistible creatures of Pikmin 3 as it has rolled out its latest video to introduce you to everything Pikmin 3.

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Edward751750d ago

Going to pick up my copy after I eat lunch!

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GreenRanger1750d ago

Stop expecting people to like a game just because you do.

_QQ_1750d ago

Why are you here if you don't like the game.

GreenRanger1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I never said I didn't like the game.

I haven't played and won't ever be playing the game to like or hate it.

I'm commenting on the author, not the game.

fattyuk1750d ago

And this is ment to be a console seller,

it looks cute but I'll pass.

Trago13371750d ago

No one's expecting this ONE GAME to sell systems, it's just the first quality Nintendo game to be released since the launch of the system.

And more games are coming.

fattyuk1750d ago

Next gen is coming aswell.

_QQ_1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

@fattyuk,next gen is already here. its been here. its called PC.

Summons751750d ago

You don't buy a console for one game. You buy a console because of the promise in its line up. The net year of the wiiu is gonna be great and this is just the start. Your loss in a fun gaming experience.

fattyuk1750d ago

^^^ I bought an Xbox 360 purely for Alan wake.

truechainz1749d ago

If Nintendo actually thought people would buy a Wii U for this one game then they would not have announced any other games at E3. Either a lack of common sense here or trolling. Both are sad.

Sincere01211750d ago

re: fatty UK. next gen has been hear for nearly a yeast now, u bin living under a rock or somethin. lol

Wni01750d ago

well nintendo does have 3 good games every year for their consoles so id hope they promote this one.

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